Trash Hero the cleanup organization founded on Koh Lipe in 2013 has been steadily gaining traction for the past few years now. Coming to Ao Nang in 2015 the Trash hero group spread it’s wings and brought schools, government officials, resorts and locals alike together on Noppharat Thara beach.

Now the community funded group is putting down it’s roots in Koh Lanta, the largest island in Krabi province. The clean up’s have started none too soon as the bridge connecting Koh Lanta Noi to Koh Lanta Yai is nearing completion, once finished the traffic and growth of the region will increase exponentially. With this growth will inevitably come the more homes, hotels, shops, people and so on, may of them throwing their garbage all over the place.


“The success of our species is in the hands of the youth”, a saying we have all heard before and can agree with. This is the fundamental point for the Trash Hero clean up group, to get the younger generation involved and they will imbue what they learned with their everyday actions. The response in Ao Nang from local schools, and government officials has been great, a number of classes have been brought out to the beaches given speeches on why cleaning up the trash on our beaches is important.

The Trash Hero Group is a great non profit organization which is focused on making our little province beautiful for generations to come. The organization is always in need of additional volunteers, if you would like to spend the day doing something worth while get in touch with Trash Hero here:

+66 94 585 0251