The Kingdom of Thailand is famous for more than just its beaches and smiles. No vacation here is complete without a few massages, and Krabi spas are waiting for you! Spas in Krabi specialize in the world-famous Thai massage. Thai massage is not the only spa service offered in Krabi province, though it is the most popular. If you’ve never experienced a Thai massage, there is no better place than in Krabi spas. But what is this mysterious healing technique?

Developed over 2500 years ago, Thai massage has a unique and interesting history

Developed over 2500 years ago, Thai massage has a unique and interesting history. Most accounts credit a Dr. Shivago Komarpaj with the creation of the technique. Hailing from Northern India, Dr. Komarpaj is said to have been the physician of the Buddha. Consequently, the technique’s origins seem to be deeply rooted in the ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda.

Thai Yoga Massage

The name even says it all – as sometimes this healing technique is referred to as Thai Yoga Massage. In fact, the method works with what are known as Sen lines– the Thai equivalent of the Ayurvedic Nadis. These systems posit that energy moves through our bodies by way of invisible channels. Breath and physical position can therefore manipulate the flow of energy and affect wellness. In both the Thai Sensystem and the Ayurvedic Nadisystem, the channels number around 72,000 – giving further evidence to claims of a historical connection between Thai massage and Ayurveda.

Roots in Other Ancient Cultures?

Many claim that Thai massage has additional roots in ancient China and other Southeast Asian countries. In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has its own version of Sen lines. The 80,000 meridians of TCM are well-known, as they are the foundation of acupuncture.

Ancient wartimes have destroyed much of the recorded history of Thai massage.

The history is a little fuzzy. Ancient wartimes have destroyed much of the recorded evidence, leaving the origins of Thai massage shrouded in mystery. But one thing’s for sure, you can still benefit from this ancient healing technique. What’s more, the popularity of Thai massage has spawned an entire industry of modern spa services in Thailand – and Krabi spas are no exception.

Spas in Krabi to Soothe Body and Soul

In addition to traditional Thai massage, Krabi spas offer a myriad of healing treatments. Spas in Krabi present all manner of oil massages, complete with aromatherapy, deep tissue, aloe vera and even chocolate!

Aromatherapy, deep tissue, aloe vera and even chocolate!

Some packages include such luxuries as coconut and tamarind body scrubs, followed by a massage with a fragrance of your choice. Krabi spas offer manicures, pedicures and mineralizing body wraps. You can choose the whole package, or receive the treatments a la carte. Either way, prepare to enjoy the rest of your vacation relaxed.

Drop in for an Impromptu Massage!

You often don’t have to plan ahead to receive a spa treatment in Krabi. Many massage studios line the popular strips. Often, business owners will beckon you to drop what you’re doing and come for a massage – and it’s not such a bad idea! You are on vacation, after all. There’s no harm in telling the family that you’ll meet them in an hour! Better yet, each member of the family can select their own service, and meet when it’s over in a state of bliss. In the last-minute massage game, we usually go for the therapist with the brightest smile.

Your Mini-Guide to Spas in Krabi

With so many spas in Krabi, you’ll have plenty of options. But who truly are the best spas in Krabi? If you’re not willing to chance it on a smile, check out our miniguide to the best spas in Krabi. With options ranging from decadent and luxurious to easy, beachside service, there are a few spas in Krabi that have our attention.

Spas in Ao Nang

1. Boossabakorn Spa

Boossabakorn Spa is a beautifully decorated, tranquil place. Enter here and hear the noise of the street fade away as you are guided to have your feet gently washed. Sip on a cup of hot tea while refreshing yourself with a cool, scented towel. The staff here are second-to-none, having trained to the highest degree of excellence. There are no bad massages here, and what’s more, every moment of your experience will be steeped in luxury. Truly one of the best of Krabi spas. You’ll find the prices here higher than the average shop, but it’s worth it.

Website :

Phone Number : +66 7569 5615

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2. Radarom Spa

On par with Boossabakorn, Radarom Spa offers a quality experience at slightly lower prices. We find that the spa experience is not diminished at Radarom. Both spas offer a tranquil interior, delectable treatments and highly-trained staff. Our favorite service here is the body scrub, where you are invited to select your favorite fragrance, lay back and allow yourself to be polished. A warm shower afterwards will allow the oils to envelop you in a fragrant steam. Choose from many packages, including body wraps, facials and milky massages.

Website :

Phone Number : +66 7569 5524

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3. Massage Corner

Started around ten years ago, Massage Corner has been a labor of love for its owner, Nid. Initially a small space tucked away in the “corner” of Ao Nang, Massage Corner has grown into one of the leading affordable spas in Ao Nang. Using traditional Thai herbs and handmade oils, your therapist will treat you with the utmost care. All manner of services are available, and you can receive your treatment in a massage pavilion or private room. Despite its tucked-away location, Massage Corner seems to be one of the busiest spas in Krabi. Because of their outstanding reputation, we recommend booking ahead. And once you’re done with your treatment, do yourself a favor and go downstairs to eat at Kodam Kitchen– you will not regret it!

Website :

Phone Number : +66 812 715 399

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4. Beach Massage (Number Stalls)

Stroll down the Ao Nang Beach walking street, past The Last Fishermanrestaurant and you’ll find a semi-circle of open-air massage pavilions. These beach side delights compete with each other aggressively, often lowering the price below standard to lure you in. Getting massaged here is a great way to remove the sand from your toes after a day of soaking up the sun. In a bid for your business, owners hand out beach mats and fresh fruit upon your promise to return when you’ve had enough sun. It’s a great way to spend a lazy afternoon, and a wonderful prep for the evening’s activities. With 15 stalls to choose from, you can go with your gut (or whoever offers you the finest fruit), but we recommend the stall of Kun TikTik, Massage #1. Her kind, genuine demeanor and highly skilled staff will have you leaving completely satisfied.

Maps : (The Last Fisherman, right beside!)

5. Sama Kom Traditional Thai Massage

With all the massage studios lining the streets away from the beach, it can be difficult to choose. More humble owners choose locations away from the crowded areas, where they are less visible but rents are more affordable. Since most establishments offer the same services at similar prices, it can be hard to choose. To be fair, you won’t always score the best massage when you’re taking a gamble on the cheapest place. So if you happen to be near Ao Nang’s main mosque, you’re in for a treat. Sama Kom Traditional Thai Massage is home to one of the best therapists in town, Khun Lek. She’s the kind who finds your problem spots, and stays there a while to work her magic. This kind of intuitive massage is rare, and we can’t recommend Khun Lek and her team more.

Phone : +66 8095 5836

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Spas in Krabi Town

1. Body Kneads

Located on the popular Chao Fah Road, Body Kneads is easily recognized by its welcoming exterior. Wonderful homemade oils and complimentary fruit round off this affordable massage experience. You can expect to be treated with love and care here, as you indulge in Thai and oil massages, scrubs and body treatments. The prices are similar to others in the area, but you’ll have the best experience at Body Kneads.

Phone : +66 983 151 623

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Spas in Koh Lanta

1. Pimalai Resort & Spa

This one is right up there with the best of the best. It’s not for budget travelers, to be sure, but if you’re looking for an all-out spa experience, this is where to come. Deluxe treatments are offered in the privacy of an outdoor garden, sheltered by nature. Treatments here border on extraordinary, going above and beyond the standards. Traditional Thai herbs and other natural ingredients are used, alongside one of the most tranquil environments you could hope to encounter.

Website :

Phone : +66 2320 5500

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2. Serenity Massage & Spa

Serenity Massage & Spa in Koh Lanta is located in the island’s main town, Saladan. Due to its location near the pier, it’s highly visible to anyone doing a walking tour of the area. The therapists are highly trained and experienced, and a variety of healing and relaxation treatments are available. The owner, Ning, is actively involved in making sure her team provides the best service possible. Prices are standard, so you’ll still experience some of what often comes with budget massage – a bit of street noise, beds separated by curtains – but the quality of the treatments make up for it. When your treatment is finished, you’re invited to sip tea from their terrace overlooking the ocean.

Phone : +66 81 569 9852

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Spas in Klong Muang

1. So Spa at Sofitel Krabi Pokeethra

The spa at this luxury resort in Klong Muang is like another world – a fusion of French and Thai decor and treatments offer you the creme de la creme of spa experiences. Because of the top-notch, French L’Occitane products, you’ll have assurance that only the finest quality goes onto your skin. The tranquil environment, attentive staff and exquisite treatments combine to provide you a most relaxing holiday experience. Prepare to shed your tensions as you walk through the French double-doors, and into your private treatment room.

Website :

Phone : +66 7562 7800

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