rowing up as an expat kid in Krabi can be an exciting prospect, playing outdoors all day long, wearing little to nothing and not feeling cold. Everyone is smiling and laughing, it’s a real paradise, but what to do in terms of structured education?

Well there are a number of different education options available in Krabi, one is to send your child to one of the local public schools in Krabi town or Ao Nang. The issues that this prospect holds, is that typically the Thai schools don’t teach proper English to the students and the schools are rather large, having sometimes up to 2,000 students.

There is an alternative option to education available right on our doorstep. Daisy Chains Krabi Montessori is conveniently located behind ‘Rongrian Ao Nang’ or in English, Ao Nang School.

The owner, an Irish-girl, Joy; originally founded ‘Sunflower’ over 5 years ago but has since re-opened as ‘Daisy Chains Krabi Montessori’. A few years on now, Daisy Chains has had many happy kids pass through their doors and continue on their education path to Krabi International School.

Daisy Chains is oriented towards the younger generations, with the majority of students being between 1-5 years-old. It follows the Montessori method; the basic philosophy of education is that all children carry within themselves the person they will become. At Daisy Chains Krabi Montessori, all the emphasis is placed on the child. Children are given the opportunity to learn together in a safe, fun, prepared environment with a qualified Montessori teacher. The aim is for the children to have a well-rounded education; developing intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

Daisy Chain Krabi

A day at Daisy Chains is quite busy; starting at 8:30am and finishing at 3:30pm; a lot happens for the children in this time; from learning in the classroom to doing activities as well as all the general daily routines such as meal-times, shower and nap-time. These too, are part of the learning process; encouraging each child to develop consideration and respect for other children, teachers and their environment. This also links to the time of the day dedicated to free-play, this is always under the supervision of the teachers. Traditional schooling generally groups children of just one age together, mixed aged groups is a striking difference between Montessori and traditional educational programs. The mixed age group environment creates an atmosphere where children learn to help and be helped by other children, because they interact consistently with children whose age and abilities are varied. Children learn to respect each other and share.

Daisy Chain Krabi

Daisy Chains is a great place to enrol your child for a day, a week, month or even year, as they offer many different options for parents. There are no long term contracts needed between parents’ and the school, short term (daily) offers are always available for parents which makes the school a great option for parents here on holiday. Maybe your hotel or resort doesn’t offer baby-sitting options, Daisy Chains can be your solution!

Daisy Chain Krabi

If you’re interested in learning more you can visit their website:

Daisy Chain website

Daisy Chain Facebook page

or give Joy a call on

+66 (0) 900-671-701