A new style of clubbing in Ao Nang’s central party area Centerpoint has worked it’s way into the main party scene.

Lets face it – go-go bars have been around well since the dawn of time, them are the forbidden fruit on a line in front of you, and they are nothing new to the huge sex trade of Thailand. They are common throughout the world and Thailand being that it generates almost 2 billion USD annually from it’s growing sex trade has it’a fair share of go-go bars.

Nova Club go-go AonangKrabi has long since been a destination where families come to rest and relax in the sun, but being that mainland Krabi is only a short 2 hour ferry trip to such backpacker destinations as Koh Phi Phi and Phuket it is only natural that go-go bars might spring up in a place such as Krabi. Sure enough Sabina opened it’s doors around 10 years ago (Sabina is located on the second floor of centerpoint). With 3 poles atop the bar tables as well as a centerstage for performers to show off there skills there is plenty of entertainment coming at patrons from all angles. Dimly lit with strong neon flashing lights Sabina is a place where you feel a little grimy and like you shouldn’t be there, but once the bar tender brings you your first pint and you take a long sip of that refreshing brew you’re at home. The music blaring and the girls bodies on the stages undulating to the tunes, this is going to be a  good night.

Across the hall from Sabina is a nightclub who has just opened recently in 2013, the name is Nova Club. Opened by a Swiss/Thai national Nova Club gained much of it’s popularity due to of course it’s beautiful girls but also a skilled photographer who was able to capture the many faces of both customers and coyotes (go-go girls) in a fun yet stunning light. This photographer has left the club but his photos remain and are an example to the quality and variety of people that you might happen to see at Nova Club.

Nova Club go-go AonangNova Club has a design which focuses all patrons around the central stage where the main performance takes place. There is another cage which girls get up into when the place is packed. There is a red velvet pool table which sits in the shadows of the single cage so enjoy a game, a beer and some funky body undulation from one of the many beautiful go-go girls dancing above you. On the central stage where there are 4 poles for the girls to spin and show off their moves with. Usually 2-3 girls get up on stage and show off sometimes dancing together making it a dual performance. The whiter bar circles the stage area on 3 sides, giving the girls a somewhat catwalk entrance to the platform. in the back you can see the DJ singing some intense house beats, nearly turning your eardrums inside out but it doesn’t matter the girls are moving to the beat and everything is as it should be. You’re 10,000 kilometers away from home, why not surround yourself with stunning girls dancing to house beats and drinking Thai’s premier lager Singha.

Nova Club has a great reputation as a go-go bar (or coyote bar) in Centerpoint. They do play their music loud and create a certain “dark” atmosphere (which is necessary when entering at one of these styles of establishments), but they keep the area safe and clean and focus on keeping their customers needs met. If a patron looks too drunk or violent he/she will be asked to leave, so keep your liquor consumption to a safe amount. The bar and the tables are spotless and the cocktails are great as well. I’m more of a beer guy myself but their mojito’s we’re pretty good.

Nova Club go-go AonangNova Club is a great go-go bar and will leave your coming back for more, the girls are beautiful and as the night continues on more layers leave their skin. There is pool available and plenty of both bar tables and lounge couches to relax and enjoy the entertainment in. Finally the drinks are strong, prompt and served with a wink, it’s all great at Nova. Come down and see whats it’s all about.

Nova Club is located on the second floor of Centerpoint on Ao Nang’s beachfront road.

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