Get Rad’s has pioneered a new watering hole in Ao Nang redefining the standard and style of Ao Nang

The pulse of Ao Nang can be felt on the streets, can be felt in at your hotel swimming pool, can be felt on the main beach of the town, it’s everywhere it’s invigorating, it’s inspiring; it’s tourism. Ao Nang has been a hotbed for tourism for the past 20 years now, it now draws in over 1 millions visitors annually from al over the globe. This growth in tourism has led to many improvements in the town for offering these thousands of tourists something better, better more interesting activities, better logistics to get around from region to region, better medical care and better police enforcement and better dining options.

Yet with all of these improvements there still was something lacking, we have a number of 5 star luxury resorts throughout Krabi, we have hundreds of different restaurants to choose from as well as activities to keep your days full, but there was still something missing, what to do when the sun goes down?

Get Rad's KrabiWhen the owners of Get Rad’s saw this gap in the market. There was simply no honest, high quality bar which focused on the drinks, the atmosphere and thats it. A cocktail bar offering people (locals and tourists alike) a place to drink and socialize in a cool retro grunge environment was what the owners had in mind during at their moment of inception. This vision has been property constructed to offer everything which was originally intended and more. The drinks are top notch, the cocktails range in taste and flavor from the class Old fashioned A perfect balance of brown sugar and whiskey to the more exciting Peach meringue pie.

We visited Get Rad’s for a night to get a feel for the place and ended up staying until 2am as the drinks were just too delicious to stop, and the staff was so friendly and easy going.

Now if that wasn’t already enough to get you into the mood of Get Rad’s there are also 3 classic Atari stand up arcade games on the side of the bar ready to play at a moments notice (they don’t charge for play). These are just the cherry on the top of the whole experience at Get Rad’s, the games are the classic Pacman, Asteroids and street fighter but there are also another 500 other games programmed into the machines, from tetris to duck hunt there is no end of arcade entertainment in Get Rad’s. Who knows maybe there will be a tournament going on the night you arrive, so bring gaming fingers ready for a workout.

Staffed with top notch bartenders standing by ready to win up some running drinks on a moments notice. These talented mixologists can thrown together any and all cocktails you might need even if it’s not on the menu, but for your beer heads out there don’t worry they always have a few cold ones in the fridge.

If you’re looking for a place to get down in a cool high quality unpretentious bar, then Get Rad’s is totally worth the trip.

246/17 Moo 2, Ban Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand
093 762 7368
Tuesday – Sunday from 4pm – 2am