eep has been operating in Krabi town for the past 3 years now, slowly making a name for itself as the jazz hotspot in town.

Down a small side street just up the road from the famous Maharaj (or morning) market Deep is located in a rather inconspicuous spot. It’s neighbors are a range of office shops and homes making Deep stand out as one of the few establishments patrons frequent on the street. A quality lounge bar offering a plethora of Jazz musical styles set in quality location; quiet and secluded yet still still bustling with life, energy and great atmosphere.

Founded over 3 years by a couple passionate about music, passionate about life and passionate about doing better. As longtime fans of a range of musical styles they would often have the need to go to a music venue, a club or just a chilled out lounge style bar and listen to great music. One problem for them was that Krabi as a whole doesn’t offer much of an option for those that are in need of these things.

So as any passionate person would do when there is not what one needs, they build it. So build it they did.

Now operating 6 nights a week and offering nightly themed music styles Deep is cranking out great nights and keeping the tunes flowing. From Thai jazz, classical jazz to swing jazz and blues, every night is special and every night is amazing.

Monday-Thursday are dedicated to a range of musical styles such as: Indy folk, Indy blues, swing jazz, electronic jazz, jazzy lounge and deep house. If you’re desired flavor is not on the list, you can always ask the bartender to see if he’s got something different on the musical menu.

Fridays are live nights, dedicated to swing jazz played in both the English and Thai varieties. Saturdays are dedicated to Thai jazz, celebrating this fusion music, born in the deep south and reborn in old siam.

The atmosphere is something of a mix between new age modern style and brash wooden armchairs, something of an antique feeling. It’s a great mixture of the styles that works seamlessly together. The large drink menu printed on the wall so you cannot miss it and the lightbulbs glow rich and look as if they have been taken from one of Thomas Edison’s first rounds of production.

The cocktails served are nothing short of truly fantastic. A personal favorite is the classic old fashioned but I also enjoyed the mojito and Singapore sling, it’s all up to you but every cocktail is made with time and care leaving you with a near work of art when it reaches your table. The food served at Deep is a range of simple eats, steak bits, sautéed potatoes, many homemade sauces which are to die for. It’s all there, everything you need to get full but not overdo it.

The atmosphere and ambiance is what makes Deep so special, the dimly lit area as a whole gives a sort of mystical, soothing tone to the area.

One of the owners is actually a musician himself, so you might get lucky enough (or he might get drunk enough) to get up on stage and play a couple of his own songs. There is nightly specials at Deep which change time to time so in order to see the current up to date information visit their facebook page:

Deep Lounge

Or you can call:

+66 918-216-626

Any trip to deep has proven itself over and again as a unique establishment in somewhat of a sea of ordinary.