Garlic 1992 has been serving world class cuisine Thai food to travelers for over 20 years now, Garlic 1992 won’t disappoint anyone nor break the bank

The story of Garlic 1992 starts 26 years ago, when Pajai Panjun opened the second restaurant on Phi Phi island. The tsunami of 2004 destroyed the restaurant, along with most of the island’s infrastructure and natural landscape. Undeterred, Pajai and her family rebuilt. Before long, Garlic 1992 was thriving. This gem of authentic Thai cuisine expanded into a large and well-known establishment. Pajai cooked delicious dishes for travelers from around the world in the years following the tsunami. Over the next decade, Garlic 1992 became renowned for its fantastic food, warm service and great prices. But in February 2018, a fire destroyed the restaurant. Ever strong, Pajai persevered. Therefore, when you see Garlic 1992 today, it won’t look like much from the outside. But step inside, and prepare to be amazed. Peruse the extensive, handwritten menu full of every Thai dish you can imagine. Besides all your favorite noodles, rice dishes, seafood and curries, you’ll also find some unexpected items. Swiss Rosti, baguettes, pasta, burgers and steaks are all available here. Try a fruit shake or lassi to cool down, or a beer or cocktail to warm you up! They also serve breakfast, and the prices are out of this world. While Garlic 1992 impresses in the food department, the warmth of the owner is contagious. Other establishments might draw you in by calling from the entrance. Good smells and good vibes will lure you into Garlic 1992. Make sure you stop by while you’re on Koh Phi Phi!

Hours of Operation :

9:00 am – 11:00 pm