Today we travel on the internet highway with the windows of our mind rolled down, our hair pulled back ready to wiz throughout cyberspace to pursue and discover the answers for almost every question imaginable. Zooming, zigging, zagging, up, down, in and out; yet without ever leaving the cushion we are seated on and by merely pressing buttons on a keypad.

Interested in knowing how to make an ethnic recipe from a land thousands of miles away from your dining table? Simply get online and voila’ in moments you have the knowledge. Now it’s a quick jaunt to the local market to get ingredients to prepare your exotic delicacy. How about how many stars are in the galaxy? How many cells are our bodies made of and how do we care for ourselves from the inside out or the outside in? The questions of life are being answered more and more readily through our global community and the use of technology. We are so fortunate to have access to such tremendous knowledge. We can now see and discover life with a whole new set of eyes, to grasp the things that in years passed were only dreamed of. We are gaining great knowledge but are we truly discovering the answers to our questions? The questions, that once answered, become the cornerstones on which we build our lives upon.

Gain Wisdom
Reinhold Niebuhr

Gaining knowledge is not enough to help you achieve the dreams, goals and purpose that you have set out before you. The knowledge you gain without implementation is foolishness. Many people already know that eating poorly produces poor health. They know that smoking cigarettes and over consuming alcohol can create a plethora of sickness, disease and even lead to death. Yet hundreds of thousands of people smoke and drink in excess globally.  With the very knowledge of what cigarettes do to the health of the human body. The same can equally be said of overconsumptions of alcohol.  We cannot stop at just gaining knowledge; no. Knowledge alone puffs up and leads to pride, arrogance and self- righteousness. People sit around the table chatting it up about various topics that they have knowledge about. Subjects like global warming, child trafficking, animal cruelty, world hunger, obesity and much much more. Yet who are the ones that actually take action concerning the topics they speak about? Is it you?

If you find yourself feeling a bit convicted or uncomfortable about this question, let me give you one word that could revolutionize your life and the way you view and act upon the knowledge you gain.  “Wisdom”; we must seek to gain wisdom. I like to coin the phrase, ‘‘Wisdom is knowledge applied’’.  It’s lacing up your running shoes and applying the knowledge you’ve gained, thus reaping the benefits.  It goes from your head, shuffles through your heart and then down to those sneakers of yours; now you’re livin’.  Without taking the time to apply the knowledge you gain is like looking in the mirror, walking away and then trying to forget what you look like. However, in reality this is impossible. Once you’ve looked at yourself, this truth is forever embedded in your mind, as it is with knowledge; true knowledge. Once you discover true knowledge you are then left with the personal responsibility of what you are going to do with it.  Will you ignore it or ignite it; this is the question?

Gain WisdomThrough the course of years my ministry to those who are trying to overcome weight issues, health concerns and emotional life controlling problems quickly brings us to looking at knowledge vs. wisdom. These individuals know that they should or should not have done this or that but for lack of a better word; they remained stuck.  For these longing souls the joy of having someone to go to, removes the veil of isolation, paralyzation and an inability to overcome.  Too, they realize that they are not alone and that others face the same things they face.  This can provide a huge breakthrough and give emotional courage to face the challenge of vulnerability and often times the overwhelming feeling of being exposed.  You may be on one side or the other of the plumb line of wisdom.  If you find yourself having tons of knowledge but do not feel that you have gained wisdom that has provided a strong enough foundation for living your life in abundance. Here are just a few helpful hints that will help you begin moving forward on the road beyond knowledge and catapult you to becoming wise beyond your years.

  1. Seek counsel: Often times there are people ahead of you in the game of life.  These individuals can help you in many ways and spare you the pain of having to make the same mistakes they may have. Hindsight is 20/20 and gleaning from someone else’s experience is worth listening to.
  2. Pray: Are a person of faith? Call out to the one whom you believe is the holder of all wisdom. There may be a power that knows you better than yourself. Pray and ask for wisdom.
  3. Meditate: This will give you an opportunity to sort through the clutter resounding within yourself and posture you for moving forward in your personal conviction.
  4. Challenge: Test circumstances that concern you. It’s okay to fail on the road to discovering your sweet spot for living. When we challenge life we often times find that we are not only gaining wisdom but through failing character is being developed as well.
  5. Rationalize, reason and research: It is very important that you to take time to logically and emotionally balance out all personal obstacles. Take the time and do your homework. Seek knowledge pertaining to your issue until you have enough information captured. This time of assessing will equip you with confidence to move onward.

Reinhold Niebuhr

by Zina Docto

Zina is the founder of “i AM WOMAN”: Educating woman to discover their health and beauty from the inside out: overcome weight issues, sickness and disease.

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