This month, Krabi Magazine checked in at the new location of Foodies, a French restaurant inspired by the leading 5 star chef Frederic Monolie, or Freddy for short.

Located at the corner of the 3-way junction going to Ao Nam Mao, Foodie’s Deli & Catering offers a great selection of the finest products on the market.

You can find the well known coffee brand Chicco d’Oro, a coffee roasting plant based in Balerna in the south eastern part of Switzerland. Caffe Chicco D’Oro Di Eredi Rino Valsangiacomo S.A is a corporation created in 1949 and specialized in roasting the world’s best green coffee beans and producing its own traditional coffee blends sold in a number of countries worldwide.

Foodie’s Deli & Catering is an exclusive distributor of this brand and offers diverse type of the products such as capsules, beans, ground coffee and instant coffee. In order to savor each sip of this coffee Foodie’s also distributes Chicco D’Oro coffee machines for use at home.

At Foodie’s you can also find different ranges of high quality wine coming from France. Several varieties are stocked from the Alexis Litchine vineyard to suit all tastes, a sparkling Bordeaux with a gold color that highlights its elegant bubbles. Also coming from Bordeaux, a fine red wine ideally served with meat and french cheese and a crystalline white wine that will go well with seafood and goat cheese.

Foodie’s also offers a fine Merlot born in the southeast part of France near Montpellier. On the one hand an extremely rich red wine that will go particularly well with your salads as well as a wonderful Chardonnay from the same region that provides the perfect partner for your seafood and white meat.

As an exclusive distributor of the brand Really Good – a Phuket based sausage producer – Foodie’s Deli offers breakfast chicken sausages, pork and even lamb sausages.

For the admirers of fresh meat, some Australian beef tenderloin and lamb chops coming straight from New Zealand should also delight you.

Freddy offers all the side dishes that you need to garnish your meat, a large selection of pies from the brand Lady Pie, Bonduelle vegetables in cans imported from France such as lentils, green beans, beetroot or even diced mixed vegetables macedoine style.

To add to the already wide selection of fresh and frozen products, Foodies also carries a nice selection of Edmond Fallot’s mustards; original mustard, traditional mustard, basil mustard or even honey mustard. If you prefer to season your meat with a little treat you can also choose one of the finest well known Bonne Maman jam and its red fruits flavors.

If you also want to have a nice jam for breakfast or with a pancake don’t miss the apricot and bitter orange flavors.

For those who are fond of sweetness, Foodie’s Deli & Catering is also a distributor of Pluto Italian Gelato a well known brand based in Phuket. There is a wide selection of flavors to satisfy adults and children such as; rum Raisin, vanilla, mango, strawberry, Irish coffee, bounty and chocolate chip.

If you don’t feel like having a full meal and you just want to get together with friends for a drink you must try the cold cut and cheese platter that Freddy will choose carefully and serve on a user-friendly plank just like in France. Some salami, some Spanish ham, some homemade pâté, some Gruyere, some Parmesan, some olives and pickles and you are all set for enjoying a nice moment.

Freddy also offers a catering service to take away; a selection of pizzas or if you want a whole prepared barbecue custom made to your order. You have to try the make your own barbecue offer. You just must order 24 hours in advance and choose between marinated chicken with lemon and thyme, Really Good sausages, imported minute steak, imported beef tenderloin and lamb chops with provencal herbs imported from New Zealand. For those who prefer seafood the Foodie’s Deli offers calamari with turmeric and garlic, tiger prawns with garlic and the catch of the day in papillote.

The side dishes are a combination of vegetable fried rice, corn or even the famous french ratatouille.

You will have the chance to end your meal with a cheese platter and some Pluto gelato.

Whatever your wish is, Foodie’s Deli & Catering is here to make it yours by offering a generous selection of cold cuts, cheeses, pies, wines, fresh meats, sausages, gelato and much more to eat here or take away.

Daily 10 am – 9:30 pm

 081-2732-029 / 075-695-134

 290/19 Moo 2 Ao Nang, Krabi