This month Krabi magazine gets up close and personal with one of Krabi’s finest chefs, Frederic Moline, owner of “Foodies Deli and Catering Restaurant” on Na Thai Road.

Frederic Moline has been preparing 5 star dishes for the past decade has taken the time to talk with us and tell us a little about his history, inspirations, creations and experiences being a chef and living in Krabi.

KM: “Okay, so lets get a little background on you Frederic, where are you from?”

Frederic Moline: “Please just call me Freddy, all my friends do.  I was born in a town in Southern France called Montpellier.”

KM: “Got it, Freddy.  Great place Montpellier is, I’ve never been but I’ve heard of its beauty from numerous friends who’ve travelled there.”

Freddy: “It is a wonderful place – close to The Mediterranean Sea and full of ancient architecture – there is something to see and do everywhere there.”

KM: “So back to you, what got you into cooking in the first place?”

Freddy: “Well, to be honest I come from a long line of chefs, dating back to my grandfather and father. I was just next in line to carry on the family tradition. I was constantly surrounded with exquisite dishes and introduced to a wide range of ingredients and recipes from a very young age, so it was natural for me to decide to go into this line of work. Also, when I was a child, I used to wake up very early everyday and go to the bakery, to watch and learn from the bakers there.”

KM: “Wow so when did you start cooking on your own?”

Freddy: “I began seriously cooking when I was 7 years old. Actually I loved it all so much that by the time I was 13, I told my father that I wanted to drop out of school and become a professional chef.  He of course knew this was a crazy idea and forced me to continue my school.  At the time, I hated him for that, but now I love and thank him for it.”

KM: “Did you go to culinary school after your regular schooling?”

Freddy: “Yes, I went to study proper cooking in France. I learned traditional and classical cuisine, and after that I went on to study a number of specializations such as chocolate making, ice cream making and baking”

KM: “So after all this education what did you do next?”

Freddy: “I actually started working on a range of Michelin-starred restaurants learning more all the time. At that same time, my uncle was working for a cruise liner and I decided to do the same. I started working for Disney cruise lines, and with that, I travelled around the globe.  I slowly worked my way up the job ladder and was eventually promoted to executive chef where I was responsible for up to 12,000 meals a day.  After 10 years of that work, I got tired of traveling and decided to start working on land, which took me to Russia, India and eventually to Krabi at The Sheraton Beach Resort and Spa.”

KM: “So after all this cooking, what is your favorite dish to cook and why?”

Freddy: “After spending so much time aboard ships and now in tropical regions of the world I have come to love cooking seafood in general, as it requires more attention to detail and softer flavors. I truly love one of my signature dishes, which is seared snapper over steamed asparagus and drizzled with a white wine reduction sauce.”

KM: “Sounds delicious!  So now you have your own place, how is that?”

Freddy: “Having my own business is great! I have always wanted to have my own restaurant, so this is really a dream come true for me. I have the freedom to choose my own menu, design the restaurant and decide which services I want to focus on. It’s just great!”

KM: “Yes your menu looks quite diverse. I like the range of western and Thai options you have here.”

Freddy: “Yes I like to have a range of options available for people, from sandwiches and curries to the deli where patrons can come and take away 100 grams of Brie cheese or prosciutto, or even bottles of imported olive oil. I also offer catering options for people in private villas or homes. I like having variety in my shop.”

KM: “Ok well you’ve got some dishes to prepare so we’ll let you go, but thank you for taking the time to talk with us.”

We recommend trying the spaghetti vongole or any of the baguette sandwiches on the menu.

Foodies Restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm