Here in Krabi, where the beaches are gorgeous, the magnificent islands are abundant and the tropical climate is just blissful, one way to see even more of this paradise is by taking a 4 Island tour. We took a trip with the “Freedom Adventures” – out of Koh Lanta and we recommend this as a must on your Krabi travel itinerary. Freedom Adventures is owned by “Ned” Yanglang, who had been a fisherman in the region. 8 years ago however, when the fishing industry slowed down, Ned creatively transformed his fishing boat to a tourist boat. Ned has been successfully running these trips ever since. This clean, comfortable and simple boat is outfitted with a delightful crew who guide your day with snorkeling and swimming expeditions, delicious food, fascinating information, snacks, drinks and anything else you need to have a fun day at sea. The boat carries up to 12 people per trip, which makes it more of an intimate adventure. Our excursion included 9 passengers from all over the world, who connected nicely with each other.

Our first stop was Koh Nen where we anchored at a beautiful coral reef and followed Yom, our snorkeling guide as he excitedly dove deep to find the more exlusive sea life under the coral shelves. He found a moray eel and a lionfish, hiding among the reefs, but even surface swimmers (like myself) were gifted with the gentle company of an abundance of parrot fish, longfin bannerfish, coral rock cod, oriental sweetlips, titan tigerfish, napoleon wrasse, clownfish and many more. We also saw on the ocean floor, more immobile marine life such as the stunning black diadema sea urchin, sea anemone and we watched a giant squamosa clam eating its lunch. There is a chart on board to help identify what creatures you have seen. The fish are tame and friendly, and the experience sublime. Swimming among these peaceful creatures offers a profound connection to them.

Our next stop was Ko Mook where we donned life jackets and swam into the Avalon Cave. This is a dark, mysterious cave – flashlights and our careful guides got us through to the other end, where we found the opening of a magical hidaway. Apparently this had been a pirate’s island where buried treasures were hidden. Being there, you get a sense of what it was like, since looking up shows only high cliffs soaring 360 degrees around you, with NO exit besides the cave through the water.

Our lunch stop included delicious Thai curries/rice, crispy fish, potato soup and vegetables that had been cooked on board – We felt we had a star chef among the crew.

Stop #3 was at Koh Nigh (pronounced high), which is a picturesque island with a few small beach bars dotting the shore. We swam in to the shore and quickly found ourselves with a beer or cocktail in our hands, swinging on a hammock or sitting in the surf, dreaming the time away until a short 45 minutes later, a whistle from the boat signaled us back.

The ocean in this region is filled with islands as well as “karsts” which are the striking limestone formations that jut out of the water and so magnificently decorate the waterscape all along the cruise. Just before reaching our final stop at Ko Ma for one last delightful snorkeling dive, we passed one huge karst with an enormous colony of bats hanging all along the walls. These huge bats could be easily heard and seen individually from our boat!

This day trip to the islands was such a rich experience. The natural treasures around us in this amazing part of the world are such a gift. It feels like you are really part of Thailand after spending a day like this.

Freedom Adventures also offers overnight camping trips to Koh Rok, as well as private party charters to various other islands in the area.

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