American fitness enthusiast has started a new style of working-out, making it easier, simpler and cheaper. She’s done all of this by bringing the gym to you.

With technology moving at supersonic speeds, newer, bigger and better iPhones are released yearly, the electric car revolution is on the horizon, computers are getting faster and cheaper, it is almost unreal how many advancements we make every year. With this added technology we have been gifted with our ever increasingly busy lives. Daily obligations and family duties are some of the basic remedial tasks of our lives eating up a good majority of our free time, not to mention traveling, vacations, moving etc. This fast paced lifestyle often forces us to change our dietary schedules, often resulting in eating on-the-go, cramping a fast-food meal in seconds flat, or not eating at all.

Eating at irregular hours, not eating at all or not taking the time to enjoy your food leads to undigested or under-digested food, which often turns into excess fat and usually a little extra weight around our mid section.

I have always been an extremely active person, school, work, personal life and so on all demanding and pulling from all angles at the clock. Even with all of these obligations I have always tried to make time to get to the gym or at least go for a run, something to keep in shape. I see my friends who struggle with their schedules and making time to get the exercise their bodies need.

A few years ago fitness slowly began to take over more and more of my days, tuning my body to be the tool I always wanted it to be. I started running marathons in 2012, having my premier marathon in Boston Massachusetts USA. Since training took over a more active role in my life people began asking for personal training sessions from me so slowly my clients built from just a few where I could take care of them on a daily basis to now where I have had to leave my full time job just to service all of my client correctly.

Even with the growing number of clients I still wanted to make things easier for each of my clients. Many of them still drove over 30 minutes each way to meet me at the gym or beach, this was just not convenient for people and I could see that although my clients were coming to work out with me they were still tired, late and then had to drive another 30+ minutes home afterwards. I wanted to make thing simpler an easier, so I decided to try a workout session over skype with a few of my clients whom were a little dubious about the prospect as they didn’t have a gym at their house. I showed them a few household items (jugs of water, cans of food, and bottlesof wine) that we could use as weights. In addition a number of the exercises we do regularly are weight free so they require nothing other than a yoga mat and some space in order to perform.

The first class was a hit, my client got her usual workout, felt good in addition she saved a lot of time and money. She said at the end of our workout that she would like to continue using these skype classes instead of going to the gym for workouts. She now can even multitask with work at home as we workout.

I really love working out, releasing endorphins, generating extra oxygen flow throughout my body helping others do the same is just perfect for me. Now I can offer this to people in the comfort of their home, they don’t need to be intimidated by other people at the gym if they are out of shape or don’t like the way they look. I work with people in the comfort of their own home where they can choose the time that best suits their needs.

Krabi; the heat, sun, beaches and people all mingle to create a great place for relaxing yet suitable for getting exercise and in shape, you just have to watch your beer intake…

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Story by Liz Hurley