Krabi has once again attracted the attention of yet another major feature film.

Entering into the limelight back in 2001 with the release of the Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster “The Beach”, Krabi has long since drawn the attention from a variety of filmmakers for its unique beauty and the variety of landscapes.

This year Krabi was the main backdrop for the German production “Fack De Gothe 2″, the sequel to one of the most successful German movies in German film History; Fack De Gothe. Fack De Gothe 2 is a comedy shot with the many dramatic karsts of Krabi as the backdrop for the main setting and is set to be yet another blockbuster, not a surprise as the prequel was one of the most successful films in German history.

Fack De Gothe2Set over a range of locations throughout Krabi, the film tells the story of an ex-con/teacher who decides to travel to Thailand with his class of misfits and have them learn from this foreign land. The class contains the standard jock, glamour girl, sassy-lassy, goof-ball, and nervous insecure boy. This group of silly, lost, yet funny and naive students are led by the charismatic hard-nosed, beer loving teacher Zeki, played by Elyas m’Barak and will encounter a range of scenarios from dangerous marauding local bandits looking to steal everything from the class to a small scale pot growing operation to some campfire joints and wild elephant riding.

The film’s cast is made up of up-and-coming German actors and actresses. One of whom (the lead actor Elyas m’Barak) has become an international star after the release of his second blockbuster “Fack de Gothe” and its international acclaimed reviews and popularity. His first blockbuster was coincidentally filmed in Krabi around 2011 and was titled “Turkish for Beginners”. The 2013 film, “Fack de Gothe” drew in a record 70 million euros to date making it one of the highest grossing films in German history.

The movie recently filmed in Krabi, Fack De Gothe 2, is to be released in October after a one year long wait. It is expected to exceed the popularity and success of its predecessor.

Fack De Gothe2If you are planning on visiting Europe anytime soon, the feature Fack De Gothe 2 will be aired throughout Germany, Austria, parts of Switzerland, Italy, The Check-Republic and Luxemburg on October 10th.

This film comes out after the long awaited release and we sure are excited to see yet another major film that came to Krabi to capture its unique natural beauty.