Events and Festivals

There are many festivals and Events in Krabi going on all time time, you just have to know when and where to look for these various festivals. Here is our list of whats going on throughout the year in Krabi. If you have questions about a particular festival please get in touch with our team and we’ll gladly help you plan your holiday accordingly around certain events if you need.

Laanta-Lanta Festival

Annually March

Lanta Old Town, Koh Lanta

The Laanta-Lanta Festival is a chance for locals and visitors to celebrate unique cultural faces that remain authentic on this growing island today. Authentic food and traditional entertainment is the mainstay of any Thai celebration and the Laanta Lanta festival doesn’t contrevine from this successful tradition. With an abundant choice of delicious snacks and meals available throughout the three days, you cwill be able to enjoy local and exotic food and beverage.

Performances of Rong-Ngen, the traditional music and dance of the ancient Sea Gypsies, can be enjoyed on the main stage, as well as acts presented by groups from all over Thailand. A second beachside stage features contemporary jazz and reggae performances nightly, in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Through this ritual, Sea Gypsies seek for protection for a safe and happy event by getting rid of bad spirits out into the sea, at a traditional boat floating ceremony. Side-street cultural booths display and demonstrate the making of traditional arts and crafts including Pa-the, traditional Muslim cloth weaving and Toi-pa-nun, a handicraft made from Toi leaves.


April 13th to 15th

All around Krabi Province

This is a festival period for the whole nation. Songkran is the Lunar New Year as per Thai Calendar.  Buddha images are washed on the day and great processions are held.  Monks and elders are shown special respect by one and all in the community. In very many ways it has got the similarity with Deewali celebrations in India.  Songkran festival also gives way for young individuals to show their respect to elders usually by pouring fragrant water on their hands and by offering prayer for them.

The greatest event that happens during the celebration is the friendly water fight where people throw water to each other which they believe is a way to wash away all the bad luck from the previous year and substitute it with the good luck instead.

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Krabi International Rock Climbing

Annually April

Tonsai Beach and Poda Island, Krabi

Krabi province, in cooperation with Krabi Provincial Administration Organization, Krabi Tourist Association, TAT Krabi Office and Railay Rock Climbing Club, co-organises Krabi International Rock Climbing. This event aims to promote rock climbing activity in Krabi Province and to push rock climbing activity as annual tourism promotional event of the province. Well known among the rock climbers community, the aim of this Festival is to project Krabi as a not-to-be-missed Rock Climbing Destination, with its world renowned limestone cliffs, beautiful nature and fully equipped facilities.

Loi Ruea Chao Le Festival – Floating Boats of the Sea Gypsies

On the full moon day in the sixth and the eleventh months of the lunar calendar.

Koh Lanta

Loi Ruea Chao Le Festival is a very nice and a rare Sea Gypsy festival held during the night of the full moon in the sixth and eleventh months of the lunar calendar. On this night, the local Sea Gypsies gather together and float some of their boats out into the sea while dancing and singing in their traditional style. According to their customs, the act will result in an increase of prosperity and luck to the participants. The folk dancing is also a traditional southern dance called the Rong Ngeng. The music comes from types of violin, drum and Chinese gong that have found their way to Lanta Island over the generations as travellers and merchants have brought their cultural expressions with them.

Sat Duan Sip Festival (Festival of the Tenth Lunar Month)

Annually August

Krabi Town

This festival, which translates to Festival of the Tenth Lunar Month is celebrated to honor one’s ancestors. The festival takes place on the 14th – 15th day of the waning moon in the tenth lunar month, when it is believed that ancestor spirits are allowed to visit the earth. Families elaborate baskets full of delicious offerings to their deceased relatives. The baskets are then taken to the monastery in colorful and joyful processions.

Loi Krathong

Annually November

This day marks your venture to cast off all your troubles and tribulations with the hope of  having a new prosperous future. The good luck for the forthcoming year is wished by discarding some symbols of bad luck such as a piece of your finger nail and some tufts of hair in folded banana leaves and floating them off in the sea or running water.

Krabi Boek Fa Andaman Festival also known as Andaman Sea Festival

Annually 16-18 November

Krabi Town

This Festival marks the beginning of the tourist season in Krabi, with parades, musical performances, races, and open-air markets featuring locally-produced goods. Water sports and cultural competitions are held on this occasion.

The festival features local products contests, sea kayak competitions and boat races. Krabi Boek Fa Andaman Festival has the charm and essence of Indian colourful festivals.

Chak Phra Festival Krabi

Annually December

Krabi Town

The Chak Phra festival, which literally means pulling of the Buddhist monks, is held in Phai Phraya district of Krabi province. The festival involves an amazing parade of three kilometers long. Its aim is to preserve the local tradition and incite love and unity among community members while strengthening the religious, family and education institutions. Many Buddhists who joined the Chak Phra festival wear yellow shirts on the occasion to celebrate His Majesty the King’s Birthday on December 5th.