Top notch Esan style food just minutes from down town Krabi town

Nestled in the outskirts of Krabi town, this little gem of a restaurant is a hot spot for locals who know and love Esan food. Esan from is one of the most popular and widely known styles around the world. It’s famous for the many uses of sticky rice. The dishes are typically dry (meaning soups are not popular) and the food offers a number of varying textures.

Esan Tai Food offers original Esan styled food at a very affordable price as it’s a more local restaurant focusing more on local Thai people. The ambience of restaurant is like that of a secret garden. The entranceway is a mixture of trees, branches and vines to create a archway, once you pass through the archway entrance you will be you can see the many varied tables set up staged throughout the restaurant, each one offering it’s own private area and not set up like a cookie cutter layout.

The staff does not speak English but the restaurant has a number of English menu’s so don’t worry if you cannot speak Thai, you can just point in the menu to what you like.

We recommend the Yum Pladoor Foo, Larb Pladook, Cow Pat Moo Krop and Sumtum (ask for not spicy though)

One of the best restaurants in Krabi that we’ve eaten at to date. Come here and enjoy real authentic Esan styled food at a very affordable price, you wont regret it thats for sure.

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