Koh Lanta restaurants – El Greco Greek Taverna

El Greco Greek Taverna is a casual and lovely owner occupied restaurant located on the north side of Koh Lanta Yai, very close to Saladan town. With its dining area open on three sides, you can enjoy the tropical paradise all around you as you stay cool under the overhead fans. It’s a real treat to be able to enjoy authentic Greek cuisine on this small Thai island of Koh Lanta. The owners are from Greece and came to Koh Lanta some 9 years ago in 2010, working in the restaurant industry in Greece it’s no surprise that they would bring their expertise with them to Koh Lanta. Serving such dishes as traditional,  savoury moussaka, crispy spanakopita and Greek salad with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and onion you’ll find all you need and more at El Greco Greek Taverna.


Open year-round, El Greco has been serving traditional Greek dishes to its customers since 2010, specializing in the well-known chicken souvlaki, with tender meat marinated and grilled before being wrapped in a warm, fresh-baked pita with veggies and homemade tzatziki for you to enjoy. Some ingredients are imported directly from Greece, such as the tasty kalamata olives and real feta cheese. Kids can choose from several pastas and other kid-friendly options, and adults can enjoy delicious, Greek ouzo and special Greek coffee frappés. Open at 10 am, El Greco serves both traditional American breakfasts as well as Greek breakfasts such as the sfougatto pumpkin omelette or eggs with augofetes. Make sure to leave room for the authentic Greek desserts such as kormos or risogalo, and enjoy your taste of Greece during your stay in Koh Lanta!

Hours of operation : 10:00 am – 9:00 pm 

Phone: +66 83 521 6613