Taking a vintage Italian moped around Thailand may seem like one of the more “interesting” ways of seeing the country, and it’s up there as one of the most unique we have heard of. Krabi Magazine caught up with 2 folks who are doing just that – Pluto and Lead – to see, well – why?

KM: “So Pluto, can you give us a brief overview of the trip?”

Pluto: “This past June my girlfriend Lead and I took a Vespa trip starting from Bangkok and returning to Bangkok with the idea to go and visit more in depth this country that I have been living in for the last twenty years.”

KM: “Can you tell us about some of the places you visited?”

Pluto: “We went from Bangkok to Sangkla Buri first then we moved to the North up to Chiang Rai and from there finally back to Bangkok. We visited Nakhon Pathom, Kanchanaburi, Sangkhla Buri, Nakhon Sawan, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sukhothai, Pitsanulok and Ayutthaya.

We decided along the way to make some changes to the original Itinerary due to the limits of the Vespa that we experienced since the second day.”

ΚΜ: ”What was your favorite place on the trip?”

Pluto: “The most charming place we visited was Nakhon Pathom.  Here we stopped at a female monk Temple called Songdhammakalayani and we had the opportunity to experience this quite rare type of monestary, still not so developed in Thailand.  They are not the same as Nuns, who wear white and are not obliged to shave their head.

They are really monks, shaved and wearing a saffron color dress like the men. Moreover, they follow a number of rules higher than those followed by the men. You can imagine that it was interesting to meet with them and that they were really happy to introduce us into their world. Nakhon Pathom is considered the gateway of Buddhism in Thailand and culturally, a very interesting place.

KM: “Why did you decide to make this journey in the first place? What inspired you?”

Pluto: “Well, there were several reasons to do this trip: first my passion for the Vespa and for travelling in general.

Then I thought that it was a good idea to celebrate my 20 years in Thailand in a different way and especially together with Lead as a travel.

It was also a challenge for myself to see if at almost 54 years I was still in the condition to make this kind of trip.

But more in general just happened that one day, a few months ago, I woke up with this idea in my brain. I talked with Lead about it and we decided to finalize it as soon as it was possible, that’s it.”

ΚΜ: ”How many Kilometers did you travel?”

Pluto: “We travelled approximately 2500 km in thirteen days but I have to admit that it was too much. We had days in which we were traveling up to three hundred kilometers which become heavy being two people with the bags and as we had to reach a pre booked hotel within the day, it became a rush that didn’t allowed us to stop to enjoy the sights.

KM: “What was your favorite memory from the trip?”

Pluto: “I think that every favorite memory of this trip involved the great people we met among the way. The Female Monks, for example, their sense of peace and their serenity, their interior beauty; a Chinese rider we met in Chiang Rai at the White temple, who arrived from Chengdu, riding his scooter; Delio, an Italian man owner of a small guest house in Tak, thanks to his advice we avoided the eighty kilometers from Tak to Mae Sot in the evening, along a road that was very hard for my Vespa; all those anonymous kind local people that always helped us in many moments of difficulties, confirming the deep sense of hospitality of Thai People.

In personal terms, the best memory was to enjoy this trip with Lead.  She was a perfect buddy – always positive and extremely cooperative which made our relationship stronger.

KM: “I know you said you wanted to do another trip can you tell me what’s next on the horizon?”

Pluto: “South East Asia is a very beautiful area in general and we are thinking about making a trip in one of the bordering countries. It could be Laos or Malaysia. Always on 2 wheels, but I am considering changing scooter. Actually I have to admit that my vespa has some limits when you ride with 2 people and honestly I begin to have my limits also. As the priority now is to take Lead with me, I will have to find a different kind of scooter for next trip, one more comfortable both for the driver and passenger.”

ΚΜ: ”How can people read more on this trip and follow you on future trips?”

Pluto: “At the moment some pictures and some short stories have been published in our Facebook page Thailand on 2 wheels. It is still under construction but it will host more details on our past trip and in for all future travel experiences.”

KM: “Thank you Pluto for sharing your experience it sure has been interesting listening to your adventure. Maybe next time Krabi Magazine can come along for the trip in person.”

Pluto: “Thank you Krabi Magazine and to all my sponsors who made my trip possible:

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