The use of hands to grab objects is an ability we can somewhat take for granted. The opposable thumb lends it’s ability to grasp a stick or a rock and move it easily, is a skill not enjoyed by many other living forms on this planet. One we share this skill with is a distant relative, monkeys and apes.

Diverging from these species humans have evolved and taken this simple skill to a whole new level creating computers, robots, airplanes, cars and everything else we all use in our daily lives. But this simple skill still fascinates us and those species on this planet who can exhibit the same behavior will continue to dazzle us for generations to come.

Krabi Dusky Languor flying

These relatives come in all shorts of shapes and sizes but most of them still live in the tropical equatorial part of the globe, making them even more alluring and primal to those of us living in the temperate part of the globe.

Thailand is full of these curious, fascinating creatures, they live at temples, cities and of course in trees. Grabbing at human trash, turning over rocks inspecting everything they can get their hands on, these amazing creatures are always looking for things to explore, inspect and learn from, sometimes using the various objects they find around as tools to get something else.

Their adorable faces and curious nature makes them unique and fascinating creatures to watch and learn from. Living in similar patriarcal social circles as we humans do, monkeys exhibit many of the same social cues and needs as we do. They will typically have a leader for their troop, and rival troops will often battle one another over territory.

Krabi Dusky Languor

Krabi is home to a number of different species, such as the Dusky Languor (commonly found on Railay), crab eating macaques, gray macaques and others.

They are fascinating and special creatures that you can watch form a far, but we don’t recommend feeding or getting too close to them as they are wild animals and should be allowed to live and thrive in their natural habitat.

Be careful and lock your balcony window, monkeys have been known to come in looking for food and other toys.