Durian, that famous thorny, smelly, heavy, eggy tasting fruit is back on the shelves. Find your way inside it’s thick outer shell and you’re in for a surprise.

Some say it is the most smelliest fruit in the world, some say it is the tastiest, it’s all in the eye of the beholder right? But those signs at hotels, buses and airport banning its entrance onto their premises make it seem more like the former. A tropical fruit you won’t find it in your local grocery store back home, but you can find in during the months of April-June in almost every fruit stall in Thailand. A favorite among many South east Asian locals (thai’s, Malaysian’s and Singaporeans).

Some compare the smell of fresh durian with rotting flesh, some say it’s more like rotten eggs, on a good day some might equate this pungent fruit with that of a robust Limburger cheese, all in all the votes are in; durian smells BAD.

But it’s something to try right? You’re out of your comfort zone, you’re in a new land, your on your way to new experiences, so why not allow those new experiences to be over a beer at dinner? It’s a great fruit and many locals will eat only durian for a meal as it is a very heavy and full of fats. In terms of filling you up it is said to have the density of a coconut. A single durian contains enough fat to keep you full for hours to come.

DurianDurian now comes in many shapes and forms, now being made into chips for your on the go enjoyment, and even drinks (mostly sold at only souvenir shops). So take your pick whats your pleasure, flesh, chip or drink?