For the past 10 years drones (small, remote controlled helicopters with cameras mounted on board) have been becoming more and more widespread and accessible throughout the globe. With this increased accessibility come more and more people using these devices to capture stunning images of their property for sale or rent, or maybe they want to capture their resort from the sky or have a different perspective for their wedding album.

Drone Photography KrabiDrones are coming more and more in hand for solving problems like these, They are easy to transport, small so they can manoeuvre in small spaces and navigate both indoors and out.

The beauty of drone photography is that the quality is to such a high level now that much of the video footage is recorded in 4K, also known as Ultra High Definition, giving incredibly sharp detail and beautiful images. As well as video, the onboard cameras also act as a digital stills camera, capturing amazing still photographs from the air.

Drone Photography KrabiDrone photography can help you sell or rent your property, brighten your wedding album or offer a perspective to your resort or business that before now was only accessible by renting a helicopter and hiring a photographer. It’s fast becoming becoming a standard in terms of capturing footage for businesses and services from a very unique vantage point.

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