Ao Nang hosts it’s first Yoga festival

Last October, Krabi hosted Thailands first International Yoga convention aptly names Yoga Fest 2017, in quiet and serene Ao Nang, drawing in hundreds of participants and teachers for the week long festival.

The event was Thailand’s first of it’s kind offering teachers from all around the world to come and share their knowledge of various practices, from Thi-chi and Chigong, to yin yoga and dance classes. It was a full body experience where participants could partake in one of many classes offered and enjoy a berth of fresh air in terms of spiritual awakening. Ao Nang Yoga at The Naga Pura resort was a great successful event and we look forward to attending future events around Ao Nang Yoga.

Ao Nang as you might have seen is a relatively quiet and peaceful town, home to about 5,000 year round inhabitants and another 30,000 seasonal inhabitants has a certain ebb and flow to the busyness the town enjoys. The event held in early October was the first of it’s kind and despite the fact that there were relatively few people in Ao Nang the classes were all full, the booths sponsoring various goods and products were all full.

Yoga Fest in Krabi

many think the practice of yoga is only about doing a class, stretching, breathing and then going about your day afterwards. Our take-home from this unique and special event was considerably different. Meeting people and taking whole classes just about such things as the breath, meditation, relaxation, focus, dance, diet and much more really give a new perspective to the idea of yoga.

For myself when I began my journey into yoga I must admit I was only focused about one thing, to be able to hold grand poses and relax while holding them. There was some sort of deep seeded infatuation with this need to push myself and body to the limit. I guess there was a certain level of ego which took over my practice. After I began to meet more and more people who had extensive knowledge which they were willing to share readily with me, I began to loosen up and begin a journey into new parts to the practice of yoga and it’s many limbs of development.

Yoga is a practice between you and yourself, thats it, never compare to another, never judge another, never focus on another, all that matters is your ability to be in tune with your body and it’s needs.5

Participating teachers:

The event brought in teachers from around the world, some of the countries which were represented are:

  • Italy – Odaka yoga
  • USA – Yoga of sound
  • India – Astanga yoga
  • UK – Yin & Yang yoga
  • Singapore – Elemental yoga
  • Malaysia – prenatal yoga
  • Japan – Zen yoga
  • Korea – Kanesha
  • Phillipines – Female energy cycle
  • Indonesia – Chee Yoga Dance
  • Thailand – Laughter yoga
  • China – Ci Gong
  • Russia – SUP Yoga
  • Hong Kong – Yoga for Inner awakening

It was a humbling experience learning and practicing in a place with so many other people of passion, love and energy, I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to the next event.



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