Thinking of Where to eat in Krabi?

Thailand is a diverse place of food and culture, the varied landscape is an incubator for regional diversity. In the North due to the climate and seasonal changes the diet, mentality and overall wellbeing of the residents there is significantly different form the South and Krabi. You can find unique and stunning food throughout Thailand, no matter what your flaovr is there is good food to be found around every corner. Here is our list of our favourite restaurants in Krabi to help you navigate the wide range of options available.

It’s increasing interesting that in the South people often substitute “hello or hi” with “Did you eat”. It’s a perfect example of how close the connection to Thai people is with food. If your ever offered food it’s usually a good idea to accept it graciously as it’s a sign of love, compassion and friendship to share ones food in Thailand.

We’ve compiled our favourite restaurants in Krabi based on the various regions of the province. We’ve tried to make dining in Krabi the easiest it can be while giving you our opinions on the various restaurants Krabi is home to.

All are welcome as we’ve made sure to not only keep the high end restaurants and establishments on our list. We’ve kept the list of restaurants balanced offering restaurants for all budgets in our list.

Thailand is one of the best countries for food all across the world, the flavours from the South to the North and every in-between are varied and offer you a tantalising journey into the Thai love and passion for food. We humbly invite you to enjoy this wonderful part to Thai culture, eat up it’s your chance to dine where dining is at its finest.

If you don’t find what your looking for on our list of restaurants in Krabi, don’t worry. Basically every restaurants you visit in Thailand will be at least ‘good’ there are very few bas restaurants in krabi. Thus making Dining in Krabi an easy option for all to take part in.

Eat up and be happy!

Restaurants in Ao Nang:

jungle kitchen ao nang

Restaurants in Klong Muang:

Kang's Beach Bar

Restaurants in Krabi town:

Viva Italian Restaurant Krabi town


Restaurants in Railay:

railay family restaurant


Restaurants in Koh Lanta:

time for lime restaurant in koh lanta

Restaurants in Koh Phi Phi:

Unni's Restaurant koh phi phi