Diamond Restaurant Railay, one of the top restaurants for variety on Railay for a fair price. If you’ve taken a walk down the east side of Railay Beach, you’ll likely have already noticed this large, outdoor dining establishment. Part of the Diamond Cave Resort, this popular restaurant serves a free buffet breakfast to their guests, but you can get in on the goods even if you’re not staying there. Delightful international and Thai breakfast items await you in this well-established buffet. Don’t worry though because if you’d like to order off the menu, you have a lot of other options. At Diamond Restaurant Railay you’ll find delicious Thai food, sandwiches, seafood, appetizers, desserts, just everything! Try bruschetta or vegetable tempura, crispy spring rolls or a noodle dish like the phad kee mao, a crispy noodle dish with spicy Thai herbs and your choice of meat or seafood. Pizzas are available for those who feel like keeping it familiar, as well as just about any dish you could imagine – steaks, pastas, salads and soups are all here, along with a full drink menu from the adjacent bar. Tables are outdoor and overlook the scenic east Railay Bay, where you can watch the tide go in and out through the mangrove forests as longtail boats ferry passengers and supplies to and from the peninsula. If you’re passing by here, chances are you’ll get a hello from the staff, and because of the chill, afternoon vibes, we think Diamond Restaurant Railay is a great place to refuel and plan the rest of your Railay adventure, over a few drinks, of course.