Petting zoo, located in Phang Nga, the neighboring province of Krabi, about 100 kilometers from Ao Nang on the way to the island of Phuket. Dairy Hut farm can be seen easily from the road as it is located under a huge rock painting. In the park about 100 animals, such as llamas, alpacas, horses, and camels reside. Some of these species were imported from abroad. Dairy farm is home to a flock of friendly sheep which you and your children can relax and feed. There are different pens for both adult sheep and sound lambs. The adults eat hard pellets and the baby lambs can be fed sweet milk.

Diary Hut FarmTo communicate, to touch, and to feed the animals is a wonderful way to have a spectacular day with your children. There are also a group of small ponies which are incredibly friendly. If you want to introduce your children to the horses and teach them how to ride, Dairy farm is the perfect place.

Diary Hut FarmIn addition to the animals in the park you can find many sculptures of fairy-tale characters, mini cabins, a fish pond, and a playground with rides as well as a Ferris wheel. The scenery provides for great photography opportunities. The park entrance fee is 80 baht for adults and 40 baht for children. About an hour’s drive to reach the Dairy farm, it is well worth the trip. It’s a little oasis – a true tropical paradise.

Diary Hut FarmIt all began with a restaurant serving Thai and European cuisine. The restaurant is still in operation today and is one of my favorite places to visit as the food is astounding and the prices cannot be beaten. So make sure that after visiting the zoo, have a bite at the on-site restaurant. Delicious food, fast service, attention to each client. I guarantee you will be satisfied!

Diary Hut FarmThe restaurant is situated on two floors, and it is located right above the pond. You can dine and view schools of fish and lilies with dragon flies passing by. There are also a number of other attractions on site such as air-conditioned rooms where you can book nights to stay and a banquet hall where you can arrange a holiday for many people.

Diary Hut FarmRecently built, there is now a café, just a bit farther over the lake, sporting great views of immense rocky karsts. If you are not hungry, you can enjoy an invigorating coffee with a stunning view from the window of this new cafe. Next to the restaurant is the animal park and it is one of the most popular places among travelers passing through this region. Make the trip, you’ll be sure not to regret it.

Dairy Hut Seafood Phang-nga
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