Learn the art of Thai cuisine in Koh Lanta

Cooking class in Koh Lanta are a great activity while on holiday in Koh Lanta, for families, couples or whole groups. Learning about Thai food, the history of dishes and details about preparation is great for food enthusiasts.

Everywhere you turn in Thailand you can find food, whether it be the street side food stalls, or the simple roadside restaurants. There are also the beach hawkers who will carry hot coals over their shoulders under ripe sweet corn, chicken wings, whole curried eggs or other items. Maybe it’s the exclusive 5 star restaurants you crave, no matter where you go or where you turn you can find Thai food. The intense love for food comes from the Thai culture, focusing around whole families revolving the dinner table. Families sharing, talking, joking and just enjoying life over food. In a way it’s very similar to an Italian experience as well. 

With Thai food being so tasty and prevalent everywhere in the world, why not learn more about this Asian art and try your hands at a Cooking class in Koh Lanta. There are a number of dishes which you can learn in a short afternoon class from Thai spring rolls and chicken satay to massaman and green curries, they are all there and more for you to learn and experience. A Thai cooking class is truly one of the many fun and informative tourist attractions on Koh lanta.