By Vanessa Workman
The Island Drum

In Thailand each province has a capitol city by the same name. A key geographical fact which I often forget. So when I began planning my first trip to Krabi, the online search engines opened up the flood gates of accommodation choices and they were seemingly scattered everywhere.

After asking a friend to recommend an easy Krabi introduction destination, she recommended Aonang Beach. Trust me, that was immensely helpful in itself, although there was still an abundance of choices.

But one resort in particular caught my eye, and that was Aonang Cliff Beach Resort and Spa and their Panorama Suites. Ok, it was the online photos of the infinity pool that initially caught my eye, because I’m a sucker for a luxury pool. But when I saw the resort’s panoramic view, it was one of those amazing scenic vistas that shouts, “Wish you were here!” And I definitely did wish I was there. So my decision was made.

Cliff Beach AonangFor me, arriving in a new destination is usually a mix of excitement and mild anxiety. Having a real knack for miscommunications, I often get unanticipated side tours of cities or dropped off at the wrong place. Much to my dismay. So when I was greeted by a staff member from Aonang Cliff Beach Resort at Krabi International Airport I breathed a sigh of relief. This holiday was definitely starting off on a positive note.

And to follow that with a short, but picturesque drive through Krabi township and an ultra-smooth check-in? I had hit the vacation trifecta!

My brief check-in was accompanied by a much appreciated chilled glass of mango juice and a cool towel. Afterwards, I was escorted to my room located in the newly built addition, the Panorama Suites.

Cliff Beach AonangI assumed my room was perched on a hillside somewhere, yet a few steps here and there, with a few strategically placed elevators allowed for a relaxed upward ascent. Passing shady trees, which were cleverly incorporated within the architectural structures, and the glistening infinity pool, I soon realized that this resort was surprisingly quiet. The cacophony from the busy street front a distant memory.

And as if by magic, I was suddenly standing on my private balcony gazing at the rather hypnotic horizon of the Andaman Sea. The adjacent room an immediate blur. That’s the effect of the Panorama Suites.

Snapped back to reality with my escort’s quick orientation, my luxurious room came into focus. With 32 rooms to choose from, my spacious room was decorated in a modern Thai style with earthy hues and colourful non-complicated accents.

With a massive king-sized bed, a cosy lounging settee, and an ample work space area, the floor plan was obviously well thought out with guest comfort and convenience the priority. No crawling under a bed to find an electrical outlet, that’s for sure!

Cliff Beach AonangAnd the suite was absolutely tricked out with all my favourite amenities. Not only did they have a mini-bar (well stocked I might add), the electric tea kettle was one upped by my own personal expresso machine serving Doi Chang coffee to boot!

The bathroom was a sparkling expanse of white tile with ultra modern fixtures complimenting separate his and her sinks. Just a large glass panel separated the area from the room, leaving the panoramic views of the impressive limestone cliffs and the sparkling Andaman Sea unobstructed. A choice of a rain shower or a luscious soak in my own private balcony tub further sweetened the deal.

How does one even consider sightseeing when enjoying such luxuries? Well in my case, I didn’t. I was quite happy to mark the passing of time from my very comfortable balcony sun-lounger and enjoy this resort to the fullest. From the incredible saltwater infinity pool, the rooftop bar, with its perfect sunset views, to their multiple onsite culinary choices and top notch spa, everything I could possibly want was just a stone’s throw away from my boudoir.

A dream resort that was brought to fruition by Wolfgang Grimm, the hotel group’s managing director, who I had the great pleasure to meet in person. When asked about his design philosophy for the development of the Panoramic Suites, Wolfgang responded passionately,

Cliff Beach Aonang“This new addition is all about showcasing how tourism can (and should) coexist with nature, with as little impact on your surroundings as possible.” Grimm continued, “By being conscious of our setting and incorporating the finer points into our hotel environment, that is what it’s all about. Up here you definitely do not feel like you are in the heart of Aonang—it’s all about the birds, nature, and the unobstructed, magnificent views. This is what Krabi is all about.”

For more information, or to make a reservation visit  AoNang Cliff Beach Resort

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort & Spa also offers its guests a private beach experience. Complimentary daily shuttles run between the hotel and Andamana Beach Club, giving guests truly the best of both worlds—city and sand! At Andamana Beach Club you can rest on comfortable beanbags, swing in a hammock, or dig your feet into the sand. The beach club has an on-site restaurant, bar, and masseuse. Other activities include horseback riding along the beach and long tail sunset cruises. Join us for a quieter, more natural Thai beach experience.

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