What is real health anyway….

“Let’s raise our glasses to health; Cheers”!  You’ll hear this commonly used phrase at weddings, birthday parties and almost every social gathering where we are honoring the lives of those whom we are endeared to.  When we say this we are sharing our hearts desire for these individuals to walk in total health, that they will never see sickness or disease and that they will have a long and healthy life.  I’m all for cheering health but the question lies in; what is real health anyway? Before we go into gaining understanding as to what health is; let’s take a look at what health is not.

Health is not spending hours in the gym trying to burn off the many calories that we find ourselves consuming on a diet typically filled with refined and process foods.  It’s not focusing on what to eat or what not to eat and then being led by guilt and self condemnation to go and sweat it out.  Many find themselves bound by this picture of health only to wind up frustrated and feeling paralyzed in finding the solution towards real health.  Health is about much more than just food and fitness.  I assure, you health is about much much more.

Webster’s Dictionary defines health as the condition of being sound in the mind, body and spirit; especially: freedom from physical disease or pain.  In other words HEALTH is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

I discovered decades ago that in order to discover true health I would have to discover me; the whole of me.  I had to discover who I was in order to care for what I was.  I agree with Mr.  Noah Webster who coined the definition of health, that there are three elements to who I am; that being mind, body and spirit.  I discovered that if I learned to care for all three of these areas of who I was, then I would ultimately walk in total health.  I began to challenge and gain personal understanding and experience in what I believe are not just two primary areas of health; that which most focus on (food and exercise). I discovered there are seven overall areas of who and what we are that present true health.  They are Air, Water, Food, Exercise, Sunlight, Rest and Relationships. I have been fortunate enough to have spent the last 15+ years pointing others towards making this same discovery towards overall health.

Through all of the education I received, I boiled things down to a simple catch phrase; “Good stuff in bad stuff out”. I then created an easily applied rule to live by that aids in restoring and maintaining health in these seven areas.  The simple equation is Nutrients (+) Minus (-) Toxins (=) Equals health.  When you are making a decision about anything which applies to these seven areas ask this simple question, “Are you a nutrient or a toxin”?  Applying this healthy equation has been a simple cure all to keeping me in total health for over 20+ years.  There is much to be said about what real health is but the principles are quite simple.  Setting off on the journey to discovering this is one of the best decisions you will make in your entire life because simply said, it will affect every area of your life.

Cheers to you if you are on that journey now.  Here’s one of the many examples where you can apply the healthy equation, Nutrients (+) Minus (-) Toxins (=) Equals health for each of the seven areas.

  • Air:  Increase the amount of oxygen in the air you breathe by allowing fresh air into every room of your home, office and transportation.  You can start doing this now.  If you think about your environment, you will discover that most of where we find ourselves is indoors.  Begin opening up the windows to your environment.  Let the air in.  You need it
  • Water:  Avoid soda, coffee, tea and other liquids that are not primarily pure water
  • Food:  Make a meal where the vegetables take center stage, such as a broccoli carrot salad or cucumber and beet medley. You’ll never go wrong eating living whole foods
  • Exercise:  Do a physical activity that you enjoy in lengths of time spanning approximately 20-60 minutes in duration
  • Sunlight:  Use ‘sun sense’. If you feel you’ve had too much sun, you probably have. Drink lots of water when in the sun; stay hydrated. The sun is provides nutrients but use it wisely
  • Rest: Establish a relaxing evening routine like listening to comforting music. Reading is also a great way to unwind after a long activity filled day
  • Relationships: Keep a journal-write down your thoughts and feelings.  Use this as a resource that you can go back to in order to address emotions that you may have ignored. It is a great tool to have as you can express yourself without doing anyone harm. You can return to the journal to discover new ways of communicating in a positive manner

The next time you make your way down the grocery isle and begin to reach out for your next purchase; ask the question, “Are you a nutrient or a toxin”?  Remember, it’s about good stuff in bad stuff out.

by Zina Docto

Zina is the founder of “i AM WOMAN”. Educating woman to discover their health and beauty from the inside out: overcome weight issues, sickness and disease.

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