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Koh Lanta is an island rich in culture and also foreign influence. There have been foreigners coming to live  and resorts catering to a foreign market for the past 20 years now. Over the course of the past 20 years numerous restaurants featuring food and drink from a variety of nations. You can find Thai, Greek, Mexican, French, Italian, Cambodian and other cuisines scattered throughout the island. We have highlighted out top picks for restaurants you cannot afford to miss when visiting this beautiful and fascinating island. We always strive to provide great content on dining recommendations. This is no exception. We have had many a great meals while visiting and hope you can share with us the greatness of the cuisine Koh Lanta.

barracuda restaurant koh lanta

Barracuda Restaurant

Koh Lanta Restaurants - Barracuda Restaurant Barracuda Restaurant located in the North Of Koh Lanta in the capital town of Saladan is one of a handful of establishments that take dockside dining to a whole...
Moo Uan - The Fat Pig koh lanta

Moo Uan – The Fat Pig

Koh Lanta Restaurants - Moo Uan "The Fat Pig" Moo Uan - "The Fat Pig" is located in the heart of Saladan, and with the dining area built right on the dock, it doesn't get...
Danny restaurant koh lanta

Danny Restaurant

Koh Lanta Restaurants - Danny Restaurant During a visit to Thailand, sometimes there's nothing quite as satisfying as a meal in one of the small, family-run restaurants that dot the streets with their thatched-bamboo tables, and...
time for lime restaurant in koh lanta

Time for Lime

Koh Lanta Restaurants: Time for Lime It's hard to know where to begin when describing the offerings of Time For Lime. With so many culinary adventures going on at Time for Lime, this is way more...
same same but different koh lanta

Same Same but Different

Koh Lanta Restaurants - Same Same but Different You might hear this familiar expression a lot while you're in Thailand - and Same Same But Different Restaurant lives up to its name. Offering traditional Thai...
kunda cafe koh lanta

Kunda Cafe

Koh Lanta Restaurants - Kunda Cafe Kunda Cafe is an true oasis for the traveling vegan or vegetarian. Sometimes it can be hard to find a good, wholesome and healthy meal that is tasty and...
Faim De Loup Koh lanta

Faim De Loup

Koh Lanta Restaurants - Faim De Loup Faim de Loup is a delightful French bakery on the north side of Koh Lanta Yai just next to the small town of Klong Khong. The outdoor wooden structure...
El Greco Greek Taverna koh lanta

El Greco Greek Taverna

Koh Lanta restaurants - El Greco Greek Taverna El Greco Greek Taverna is a casual and lovely owner occupied restaurant located on the north side of Koh Lanta Yai, very close to Saladan town. With its...

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