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The amount of options in Klong Muang for restaurants and eateries has steadily been growing. Now there are over 50 restaurants of all varied size and price range. There is quite simply something for everyone to enjoy. We have been living in the region for over 10 years now. We are happy to offer our opinions on dining options in Klong Muang. Dining here  is for all prices and needs, with plenty of 5 star resort kitchen as well as many local street side shacks there is quite literally something for everyone whose is hungry. The Andaman sea is the neighbor, so it's only naturally that the region features a number of local seafood restaurants for guests to choose from. If your interested in eating seafood, this is the place to be.

The Nest Beach Club

The Nest

Hours: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Phone: +66 75 817 000 If you're looking for a modern, classy establishment with an upscale, hip vibe the Nest Beach Bar is the place for you. A street front...
Sabai Ba Bar Krabi

Sabai Ba Bar

When it comes to beachfront dining with a flare, nothing beats the Sabai ba bar, on the main drive in Klong Muang, on the way to Tub Kaek beach. You might just want to...
Ruean Siam Krabi

Ruean Siam

All is quiet except for the sounds of the ocean waves in the back ground, with the occasional whir of a longtail boat or the sound of distant children's laughter. Ruean Siam restaurant is located...
Pine Bungalows Krabi

Pine Bungalow Krabi

An overwhelming quiet overtakes you as you as you pull down the steep driveway into the guesthouses known as Pine Bungalows Krabi. But this is more than just a hotel. The Pine Bungalows boasts...
Pakwan Restaurant Krabi

Pakwan Restaurant

The first thing that you'll notice about the Pakwan Restaurant's menu is its size. This establishment prides itself on preparing dishes from around the world - and though the focus is clearly on  Indian...
Kang's Beach Bar

Kang’s Beach Bar

Located at the North end of a long strip of beach bars and restaurants, Kang's Beach Bar is truly a taste of Klong Muang with its friendly staff,  happy hour and beautiful scenery to...
Gypsea Restaurant & Bar Krabi

Gypsea Restaurant & Bar

If you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere after a day of sightseeing, look no further than the Gypsea Restaurant and Bar! Located just off the main strip, this bar...
Coffee Club Krabi

Coffee Club

With a name and location as unassuming as Coffee Club, you're in for a pleasant surprise as you walk into the covered terrace of this peaceful gem. Located on the beach side of the...
Baan Thai Seafood Krabi

Baan Thai Seafood

With the rich, warm ocean waters just a step away, there is no shortage of seafood restaurants in this area, but nobody does it quite like Baanthai Seafood Restaurant. This modest establishment is located...

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