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Klong Muang is home to over 20 high end resorts and hotels, each of which has their own offerings and amenities. The hospitality industry in Klong Muang has been steadily developing it's services and properties over the past few decades. Now offering over 1,000 hotel rooms of varied service and price levels. We are happy to announce that although many thought that the region was reserved for only the 5 star crowd, we can say it is not. There have been numerous guest houses and 3 star hotels opened over the past few years. Now opening the region to anyone and everyone. Although the hotels and resorts in the area can provide exceptional service. We still recommend you try out a renting a scooter so you can have access to the other beautiful areas of Krabi. Klong Muang and Tub keak beaches are located only a short 20 minutes from Ao nang and Krabi town.

Sofitel Krabi

The Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa

Entering the gated grounds of The Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort is like stepping into a world of exclusive luxury. The vast acreage sprawls out in manicured lawns, giving the impression of an extravagant...
Tubkeak Sunset Beach Resort

Tubkeak Sunset Beach Resort

The Tup Kaek Sunset resort is aptly named. With a good portion of its modern beach huts situated directly on the spectacular, west-facing beach, you won't have to budge an inch to enjoy the...
Tubkeak Boutique

Tubkeak Boutique

When it comes to boutique resorts, the Tubkeak has you covered with its posh, luxurious and tropical ambiance. A foliage-covered walkway will get you into the main reception area, offering glimpses of the paradise below....
Pelican Hotel

The Pelican

Located right across the street from The Nest Beach Bar, its sister beach club, The Pelican Resort in Klong Muang features an inclusive, high-rise style with large, balconied suites overlooking either the sea or...
Amari Klong Muang

The Amari

Just before you reach the tranquil cover of jungle vegetation leading towards the popular Hang Nak Nature trail, nestled at the end of the windy Tubkaek beach road, you'll find the unique and comfortable...
Nakamanda Hotel

Nakamanda Resort

The Nakamanda Resort, in the heart of Klong Muang, evokes a feeling of pleasant and luxurious history, despite its starkly modern styling. Stepping through the breezy entrance, you'll feel as though you've been transported...
Krabi Sands Hotel

Krabi Sands

The Krabi Sands Beach Resort is conveniently located right on the main Klong Muang Drive, just across the street from its beachside restaurant, The Beach House. This modest resort features an attractive, salt water treated...
Klong Muang Sunset Hotel

Klong Muang Sunset

In an area dominated by extravagant, luxury resorts sometimes what you're seeking can be more humble, with a simple offering and friendly staff to make you feel like you're right at home. The Klong...
iCheck Inn Klong Muang

iCheck Inn

iCheck Inn Klong Muang is conveniently located on the main strip. It's easy to notice the large sign in front, right beside the Pakwan Restaurant. This modest hotel features a small breakfast area right...
Dusit Thani Hotel

Dusit Thani

A holiday at Dusit Thani Resort is like stepping into another world - one that you might not want to leave. The vast gardens and green spaces truly set this resort apart from the...

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