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Dog Meat Thailand

I Didn’t Know: The Underground Trade

Thailand remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and for good reason. Its tropical climate, welcoming people, pristine beaches and relatively cheap cost of living continue to draw millions of...
Planet Earth - Krabi Magazine

Planet Earth: The One and Only for Now

Our impact on this wonderful world we ALL live in Earth, A place we all call home, a place where there seems to be great abundance for all, yet this haven of a planet is...
Phi Phi Island Rock Karsts

Rock Karsts

Formed millennia ago from calcium based lifeforms, snails, crustations, corals and so on which died and were buried upon one another, thus forming the basic make up of the rock calcium Carbonate, or limestone,...
Love in Thailand

Love Out East – part 3

In previous issues we covered advice for dating the elusive male Thai, with the do’s and don’ts from the battlefield of relationships with a foreigner. This month, we detail some unforgettable and magical locations...
Love in Thailand

Love out East – part 2

Last month we delved into the minefield of dating a Thai man. In this month’s Krabi magazine we are exploring the do’s and don’ts of a relationship in Thailand.* You’ve found love, it’s great, making you feel all mushy. You are happy, but the course of true...

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