King of Thailand - drawing

The King: We All Mourn The Loss of A Great Man

On the 13th of October 2016, Thailand and the world lost a great man, Bhumibol Adulyadej. Thailand is currently in the midst of a 1 month mourning period after the kings passing. Feeling sorrow...
Krabi Aonang monkeys

Dusky Languor

The use of hands to grab objects is an ability we can somewhat take for granted. The opposable thumb lends it’s ability to grasp a stick or a rock and move it easily, is...
Burmese Python in Krabi Province

Snake Species of Thailand

By Rashad Kozhikkattil Many people suffer Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes. People are scared of snakes because some are venomous, but most are not and rather harmless. Thailand has over two hundred species of snakes, and...
Palm Oil

Palm Oil

That oil you never use (or think you don’t). Palm oil has quickly been gaining in popularity over the past decades as more and more food manufactures are turning to it as a cheap additive...
AsaLanta - Asa Lanta

Asa Lanta Sustainability For Anyone And Everyone

Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint at this quaint comfortable resort located in Koh Lanta. Asa Lanta is the perfect place for an alternative time.
Thai Dress

Traditional Thai Dress – a lost art making a comeback

Traditional Thai dresses, an art form that has diminished over the past decades is now making a comeback thanks to a couple of young designers
Krabi Mountain Top Villa - Sunset

Mountain Top Seaview Living

Ever wish you could look down on Ao Nang from your balcony? Well at Krabi’s Mountain Top Villa you can.
Krabi Tiger Cave Temple at night

Tiger Cave Temple – a Temple Above All Else

Coming to Krabi and a little lost on what to do? Well this is a must-do hotspot that you cannot afford to miss. Read more about Tiger Cave Temple
Beer Krabi

The Magic In The Foam: A Look Into Thailand’s Long Overdue Brewing Revolution

The Dawn of man began in suds, or so some would say.   People have been brewing beer since the dawn of man and civilisation (actually some might even argue that the accidental invention of beer...
hollow mountain

Hollow Mountain. A Thrilling Scream. A Feeling Like No Other

So go the feelings washing over those that dare to push themselves to an extreme level of adrenaline seeking at Hollow mountain. The adrenaline, the shock, the relief, it’s all there at Hollow mountain. Hand...

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