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Krabi town - Everything you need to know

Located a short 20 kilometers from Ao Nang is a great mix of cultural history and modern amenities. Krabi town was first settled some 500 years ago and has since been through many changes. Tourism first reached the area some 45 years ago in the late 70's. Being the center hub of commerce and life in Krabi province. people travel far and wide to live and work in the capital of the province. With all of this life, energy and commerce it is no surprise that the town has many things to do and unique things to buy. With many restaurants, bars, activities and temples to visit Krabi town is a wonderful cultural hotspot to visit. There are many things to visit and things to do during a trip here. We try to showcase the best and most interesting for you to choose from.

krabi town excursions

Things to do in Krabi Town

There's a lot to do in Krabi Town, and some things you might not expect! As the first place you're likely to arrive during your stay in Krabi province, it's a great place to...
krabi town nightlife

Krabi Town Nightlife

Krabi province, in general, does not boast the raucous and sometimes demoralizing nightlife of Phuket and Bangkok. Even though Krabi Town itself is larger and livelier than some other places in the province, it...
krabi town hotels

Krabi Town Accommodation

If you're planning a vacation in Krabi province, you'll most likely spend some time in Krabi Town and will need to know about Krabi Town accommodation options. Because this province's capital has more to...
krabi town dining

Krabi Town Dining

During your stay in Krabi Town, you're going to have to eat! You won't be disappointed here. Krabi Town restaurants have all the flavors you've come to expect from Thailand. Therefore, when it comes...

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