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Located just off the Lae Kruat pier, a short 35 minutes drive from Krabi International Airport. From the Laem Kruat pier you take a 1 hour ferry trip to Koh Jum. There are many places to visit and things to do to keep your trip here just perfect. The island is home to a number of worthy beaches to visit. Most of the better beaches are along the island’s Western facing stretch. This is also where a number of accommodation options rest and offer guests a range of options to choose from.  If your interested in hiking, the island is home to the famous Koh Pu, a large dominate landmark on the Northern side of the island, check out our trip up the mountain and all our advice. Dining options to keep you well fed in Koh Jum, excursions to keep you busy while on the island and most of all boat and ferry time schedule on how to get to and from Koh Jum

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