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Klong Muang - An Overview

The beautiful Klong Muang Beach, with far fewer hotels and bars, it’s much less crowded than Ao Nang. With the beach sparsely populated even in high season, making it the perfect spot if you’ve headed to Krabi with relaxing in paradise on your mind. Whilst it may not have the beautiful surroundings of Ao Nang, it's relatively stone-free sand and shallow waters makes it perfect for families. With the palm trees towards the back of the beach providing some much-needed shade from the hot sun.  Unlike Ao Nang, Klong Muang beach has taken the quality over quantity approach to its hotels, with a number of luxury hotels filling the market rather than budget and backpacker resorts. Although it is always possible to find cheaper accommodation. There are only a handful of bars compared to Ao Nang, but more than enough to keep you busy during a short stay in the area, and the same goes for restaurants. Klong Muang is ideal for a day or too away from the hustle and bustle of Ao Nang. 

Tub Kaek Beach

Only a ten-minute drive away from Klong Muang beach is another top Krabi beach – Tub Kaek. Perfect for an afternoon in the sun, the beach is far less crowded than Ao Nang and features awesome views of distant islands such as Koh Hong. Tub Kaek is home primarily to a number of high end resorts with great pools to satisfy your swimming needs. Which also feature 5 star restaurants options for when your famished.

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What to do in Klong Muang

Klong Muang and Tub Kaek are quiet. In fact, the rugged peacefulness is what gives them their charm. But what about things to do in Klong Muang? Certainly, the beach is a major factor...
klong muang nightlife

Klong Muang Beach Nightlife

You might think that Klong Muang beach nightlife is quiet, and you'd be right. With a much smaller commercial strip than some of its regional neighbors, Klong Muang beaches nightlife has an expectedly lower-key vibe....
klong muang dining

Klong Muang Dining

  with so many Klong Muang Restaurants available, it can be difficult to choose the right one to meet your needs. Take a look below at what we've chosen s our preferred options. Food is a...
Sofitel Krabi

where to stay in Klong Muang

Thinking of where to stay in Klong Muang? It's a good choice, especially if you're hoping to beat the crowds. The beach is spectacular, the vibes are chill and relaxation is at a maximum....

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