Ao Nang

Ao Nang - Everything you need to know

In the heart of Krabi province, Ao Nang is the first destination one thinks of when they think of Krabi and is a worthy place to stay for a few days during your time in Thailand. The beaches that surround the town of Ao Nang offer guests a number of options to choose from. Whether it be a busy, move lively beach or a quiet stunning place to rest and relax while reading a book. Ao Nang has everything you could need to make your time in Krabi all that it can be. If it's dining you're into, then take a look at our Ao Nang diving section. We try to highlight not only the most noteworthy but as locals here in Krabi for over 10 years we try to highlight some of the 'hole in the wall' restaurants we have to offer. Looking for a place to stay, then check out our accommodation section on either villas or hotels to see our top picks for all budget and group types. Ao nang is the heart of Krabi province therefore it's got a thriving nightlife.We try to showcase Ao Nang nightlife in the best of light and offer our guests a number of options to choose from. Whether it be a simple cocktail bar on the beach with soft live music in the background or a hard rock style bar with jamming head bangers. We've got it all and more in our nightlife section. Lastly, what to do during those hot days how to see this vast and impressive province and it's many hidden treasures. We've highlighted a number of activities to consider in our excursion section. Sit back rest and enjoy your time, it's a truly wonderful little town.

ao nang excursions

Ao Nang Excursions

Wondering What to do in Ao Nang? The list can be endless! One of the world's premier beach destinations, Ao Nang is quickly gaining ground in the Thailand tourism race. Just looking at photos...
ao nang nightlife

Ao Nang Nightlife

What does a night out in Ao Nang look like? As well as being a prime adventure destination, Ao Nang nightlife is vivid. With so many different bars and restaurants dotting the main strip,...
ao nang hotels

Ao Nang Hotels

Where to stay in Ao Nang? The choices might seem endless. The rise of tourism in Krabi has given way to seemingly unending interest from developers. Therefore, hotels and resorts have sprung up like...
ao nang dining

Ao Nang Dining

Thinking of Where to eat in Ao Nang? Dining in Thailand is a big deal, and Ao Nang is no exception. When it comes to where to eat in Ao Nang, you'll have plenty of...

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