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Who Gets to Make the Rules for Relationships?

When the nation of Thailand is mentioned there are a few things that will instantly come up when describing this incredible country. Food! Yes, the food in Thailand is delicious. Thais have an insatiable...
Mr. Chang Massage - Krabi Magazine

Mr. Chan – A Treasure on Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang beach is full of wonderful gifts.  There are restaurants, massage huts, kayak rentals, and at the south end is a temple that houses a troop of monkeys who wait for the tourists...
Yoga in Krabi

Hotspots for Yoga in Krabi and Koh Lanta

The guide on where you can get your yoga fix on in Krabi and Koh Lanta. A good teacher who can help you on your practice is essential.
Veggie Diet Thailand

All That’s Good, Grows

‘Bland meal’ - This is what British Airways called my lunch. I requested the vegetarian option, I nearly choked on my mash potato, tomato and carrot gloop when I read that, then felt gutted because the...
Love Krabi

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

When people visit Thailand I often hear them make mention, “love is in the air”. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the warm balmy breeze that flows across the Andaman...
Love in Thailand

Relationships & Health

During this time of the year, love is in the air. People seem to be so much happier and carefree as the days are filled with sunlight and warmth. Thailand is known as one...
Yoga warrior pose

From The Belly Up: A Look Into Yoga For You During Pregnancy

So you’ve got a bulge right? you’re bigger more tired eat plenty more and overall well feeling very much unlike your normal self. Before you had this little one growing you felt energetic, your...
Eye Health Thailand

How To Protect Your Eyes in Thailand

Good Vision is something that we can easily take for granted until a problem develops. Many times it can be too late to rectify that problem once the trouble starts. So, what can we...
Bliss Tribes Krabi

A New Self, a New Life, a New You

Today’s modern age can be overwhelming; social media is a constant attack on our psyche and ego, relentless political news stories  seem to never stop pouring out of the mainstream media outlets, and we’re...
Wattanapat Medical Clinic

New Doctors Coming To Town

Sitting on a bench on the beach promenade on a sunny day, admiring the water glistening in the distance as the lazy sun sets down on the water’s swaying surface. You sit and think to...

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