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Dog Bites in Krabi

How To Avoid And Treat Accidental Dog Bites

All of us have at one time or another has been confronted by an aggressive dog. Since few people enjoy the possibility of actually being bit, what can be done to minimize the potential...
Wattanapat Clinic Krabi


Wattanapat, the renowned hospital located in Trang province servicing thousands of patients monthly has expanded to Ao Nang, with their first referral service and emergency medical clinic. Wattanapat Hospital Trang has been in operation since...
Centara Krabi Spa

To Spa or Not To Spa

Spa’s are in important part of our everyday culture, back in your home country going to the spa once or twice a month is not uncommon. With a softer touch the spas here in...
Fitness Krabi

Fit at 50

I remember the conversations, like they were yesterday.  A group of us young girls in our 20’s sitting around the table laughing and talking it up about the latest fashion craze, coolest make-up and...
Dengue Thailand

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Most people are aware of the most common diseases carried by mosquitos such as Yellow Fever and Malaria. However, many are less familiar with another mosquito born virus, Dengue...
Krabi Wattanapat Medical

Opening Doors And Bringing Our Health Back

Wattanapat Medical hospital came to Krabi some years ago to expand it’s coverage over the region by opening a small clinic on the main street in Ao Nang. They opened the clinic to bring...
tom yum goong aonang

Good Eating

This month Suzi Hall writes about healthy eating in Thailand. Recently, I have seriously considered designing a F.A.Q t-shirt for the benefit of all the people I meet on a professional and personal level. As...
Keep Smile Krabi

Keep a smile on your face in Thailand

Staying healthy while on holiday... Thailand is know as the "land of smiles". Once you are here there will be endless amounts of reasons why you will determine for yourself why this nation has been...
Krabi Wellness

Wellness in Thailand

Thailand has an allure that draws people from countries and continents near and far. A place that people experience what life was like decades ago. A place of serenity and a slow pace. Where...
Veggie Diet Thailand

All That’s Good, Grows

‘Bland meal’ - This is what British Airways called my lunch. I requested the vegetarian option, I nearly choked on my mash potato, tomato and carrot gloop when I read that, then felt gutted because the...

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