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Take care of yourself from the inside out: yoga, meditation, relationships, love, beauty and healthy eating

Yoga warrior pose

From The Belly Up: A Look Into Yoga For You During Pregnancy

So you’ve got a bulge right? you’re bigger more tired eat plenty more and overall well feeling very much unlike your normal self. Before you had this little one growing you felt energetic, your...
Monsoon Season Krabi

Brace Yourself During Monsoon Season

Thailand is all too familiar with monsoon season. Making its way sure and steady as the seasonal winds begin to pull moisture from the Indian Ocean to this amazing South East Asian continent. During...
tom yum goong aonang

Good Eating

This month Suzi Hall writes about healthy eating in Thailand. Recently, I have seriously considered designing a F.A.Q t-shirt for the benefit of all the people I meet on a professional and personal level. As...
BEMER on the wall


A global revolution in health is on the move as the application of energy medicine is becoming more studied and embraced in the scientific and medical realms. What is BEMER? BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) - is a medical device...
Yoga in Krabi

Hotspots for Yoga in Krabi and Koh Lanta

The guide on where you can get your yoga fix on in Krabi and Koh Lanta. A good teacher who can help you on your practice is essential.
Thai Smile - Krabi Magazine

Live Longer with a Smile

Thailand, The land of smiles – if you look at just about anyone and make eye contact, you will see that this is an appropriate description for Thailand.  People here smile A LOT –...
Eye Health Thailand

How To Protect Your Eyes in Thailand

Good Vision is something that we can easily take for granted until a problem develops. Many times it can be too late to rectify that problem once the trouble starts. So, what can we...
Thai Diarrhea


A vacation is a wonderful thing and after saving, planning and waiting for a year, you are finally here. Enjoying the sandy beaches, beautiful scenery and new culture is really nice, but then, something...
Thailand Health

Let’s Make A Plan. A Healthy Plan…

When we are preparing to take a vacation, apply for a new job, create something we’ve only imagined; we make a plan. Some begin their plan by brainstorming where they want to go, what...
Fitness Krabi

Fit at 50

I remember the conversations, like they were yesterday.  A group of us young girls in our 20’s sitting around the table laughing and talking it up about the latest fashion craze, coolest make-up and...

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