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Take care of yourself from the inside out: yoga, meditation, relationships, love, beauty and healthy eating

Retreats in Krabi

Retreat in Krabi, Thailand

Detox while you enjoy the fresh sea breeze, fresh food and Thai culture… Where do I start? This is one of the first questions asked when it comes to deciding to do a Detox Retreat. ...
Sarisa make up

The Artist

All women in the world want to be beautiful. Now it is possible thanks to all the information and tutorial they can find on the internet as well as professional make-up artists they have...
Soul to Soul

Soul To Soul

SOUL to SOUL Are you ready for an alive, heart moving, body, mind & Soul Activation? March 19th- 24th 2018 Ubud, Bali For men & women, couples or singles RECALIBRATE ACTIVATE & INSPIRE YOUR BODY MIND & SOUL...
Krabi Wattanapat Medical

Opening Doors And Bringing Our Health Back

Wattanapat Medical hospital came to Krabi some years ago to expand it’s coverage over the region by opening a small clinic on the main street in Ao Nang. They opened the clinic to bring...
tom yum goong aonang

Good Eating

This month Suzi Hall writes about healthy eating in Thailand. Recently, I have seriously considered designing a F.A.Q t-shirt for the benefit of all the people I meet on a professional and personal level. As...
Keep Smile Krabi

Keep a smile on your face in Thailand

Staying healthy while on holiday... Thailand is know as the "land of smiles". Once you are here there will be endless amounts of reasons why you will determine for yourself why this nation has been...
Krabi Wellness

Wellness in Thailand

Thailand has an allure that draws people from countries and continents near and far. A place that people experience what life was like decades ago. A place of serenity and a slow pace. Where...
Thai Smile - Krabi Magazine

Live Longer with a Smile

Thailand, The land of smiles – if you look at just about anyone and make eye contact, you will see that this is an appropriate description for Thailand.  People here smile A LOT –...
Detox Krabi

Detox Programs… Fad Or Forever?

Clean yourself from the inside out. Detoxing is a great way to clean your body and mind and it’s actually much easier than you think…
Liquid Gold Krabi

Turning Your Sweat Into Liquid Gold

You hear more and more today that the older generation is travelling worldwide as they herald the blanket statement, “We are spending our children’s inheritance”!  Why not?  Is this a question that parents should...

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