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Who Gets to Make the Rules for Relationships?

When the nation of Thailand is mentioned there are a few things that will instantly come up when describing this incredible country. Food! Yes, the food in Thailand is delicious. Thais have an insatiable...
Monsoon Season Krabi

Brace Yourself During Monsoon Season

Thailand is all too familiar with monsoon season. Making its way sure and steady as the seasonal winds begin to pull moisture from the Indian Ocean to this amazing South East Asian continent. During...
BEMER on the wall


A global revolution in health is on the move as the application of energy medicine is becoming more studied and embraced in the scientific and medical realms. What is BEMER? BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) - is a medical device...
Retreats in Krabi

Retreat in Krabi, Thailand

Detox while you enjoy the fresh sea breeze, fresh food and Thai culture… Where do I start? This is one of the first questions asked when it comes to deciding to do a Detox Retreat. ...
Broken Heart Krabi

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

There’s this incredible force within the heart of man that wields itself within every human being.  Causing us to behave in ways unimaginable. A force so strong that we would die for.  Die for...
Bliss Tribes Krabi

A New Self, a New Life, a New You

Today’s modern age can be overwhelming; social media is a constant attack on our psyche and ego, relentless political news stories  seem to never stop pouring out of the mainstream media outlets, and we’re...
Train the brain - Krabi

Train The Brain

It’s never too late to start again… Here we are again at the beginning of yet another year. Without even having to mention it or hear it, there’s an internal alarm clock that goes off...
Soul to Soul

Soul To Soul

SOUL to SOUL Are you ready for an alive, heart moving, body, mind & Soul Activation? March 19th- 24th 2018 Ubud, Bali For men & women, couples or singles RECALIBRATE ACTIVATE & INSPIRE YOUR BODY MIND & SOUL...
Liquid Gold Krabi

Turning Your Sweat Into Liquid Gold

You hear more and more today that the older generation is travelling worldwide as they herald the blanket statement, “We are spending our children’s inheritance”!  Why not?  Is this a question that parents should...
Krabi Wellness

Wellness in Thailand

Thailand has an allure that draws people from countries and continents near and far. A place that people experience what life was like decades ago. A place of serenity and a slow pace. Where...

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