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Penang - Krabi Magazine

Past Meets Present: Penang

Seeing Penang for the first time, there’s a great awareness of new confronting old; local versus imported; and the amalgamation of cultures and ethnicities. History vies to stay relevant as modernity slowly slithers its...
Thapom National Park Krabi

Klong Song Nam, or Thapom for Short

Set just outside Ao Nang around 30km north from Ao Nang up the coastline it is a place where both salt and freshwater collide to form a dichotomy of nature and numerous areas for...
Takua Pa

Takua-Pa: A Step Back in Time

In the 16th century, Takua-Pa was part of a busy and economically vibrant region of southern Thailand, but today, only memories remain of its international significance. Only 100 kilometers from Krabi town, Takua-Pa is easily...
Moken Thailand


Our ocean, with its awe-inspiring power and grace has captivated the imagination of generations.  Many have chosen to explore it by living at sea for months at a time. There are certain societies that...
Top World Hotels

Top Hotels

Hotel de Glase Quebec, Canada Each December, artists start constructing this unique hotel. Open from January 7 to March 27, the hotel requires 400 tons of ice and 12,000 tons of snow.  It is redesigned and rebuilt...

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