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Resorts, beaches, tuk tuk’s and buses - guides to travel around Krabi province and see it’s beauty and diversity

Moken Thailand


Our ocean, with its awe-inspiring power and grace has captivated the imagination of generations.  Many have chosen to explore it by living at sea for months at a time. There are certain societies that...
Bali Spirit Festival - Krabi Magazine

A Spirit in the Air, A Spirit in the Ground, A Spirit in Your...

Last month marked the end of the 11th annual Bali Spirit, but it was our first and was it an experience! On April 4th over 5,000 unique, fun, happy and loving people from all over...
Fossil Shell Beach Krabi

Fossil Shell Beach

If you're looking for a vacation that mixes adventure with history, Krabi is definitely the place for you. Krabi is a treasure trove of natural history, and the best evidence of this is the...
Weird Restaurants - Krabi Magazine

Top 7 Weirdest Restaurants

Cannibalistic Sushi-Tokyo Japan (really fresh meat) The idea of this restaurant in Tokyo, Japan came from Nyotaimori, an extremely rare practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked. Amazing what...
Top World Hotels

Top Hotels

Hotel de Glase Quebec, Canada Each December, artists start constructing this unique hotel. Open from January 7 to March 27, the hotel requires 400 tons of ice and 12,000 tons of snow.  It is redesigned and rebuilt...
Emerald Pool Krabi

Crystal Clear

Among all the natural beauties in Krabi, the Emerald Pool is one of the unseen destinations that many Thais and foreigners would like to drop by. The Emerald Pool in Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature...
Sofitel Poda Island Krabi

Sofitel Media Trip

Throw down that phone, take off your shoes and get ready to explore the local islands of Krabi aboard a most luxurious speedboat by the Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra. The islands that dot the horizon of...
Siboya Island

The Motorbike Diary

We headed to the Chao Praya River pier with only an overnight bag and ambitions for something new, something more than the usual escape from high season. First sight was Koh Klang, just across...
Penang - Krabi Magazine

Past Meets Present: Penang

Seeing Penang for the first time, there’s a great awareness of new confronting old; local versus imported; and the amalgamation of cultures and ethnicities. History vies to stay relevant as modernity slowly slithers its...
Babaji Hostel Krabi

Relax On a Budget at Babaji Hostel

Looking for a place to rest on a budget? Babaji has you’re fix. dorm rooms starting at only 200THB and located centrally make Babaji a good choice

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