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Koh Jum Beach Villa Krabi

Koh Jum Beach Villas – The Perfect Island getaway

Get away from everything at Koh Jum Beach Villas Koh Jum (aka “Ko Pu”), the home of Koh Jum Beach Villas is a relatively unknown tropical island paradise in the Andaman Sea only thirty minutes...
Bonsai Thailand

The Green Thumb of Krabi

“I think once you initiate practicing bonsai and once bonsai gets inside of you, you’ll never look at trees the same again. Because you start realizing this magnificent microcosm that is happening inside every...
Krabi Hydroponics

The Green Thumb

For some it’s a gift from birth, for others they must learn to develop their green thumb, but once you’ve got one it’s there for good. “You are what you eat!” We’ve all heard that...
Bonsai Krabi

Bonsai – The Art of the Small

Bonsai, a Japanese term meaning “planted in a container”, is the age-old art form of miniaturizing trees to live and thrive in pots. Although the Japanese have made it world-renowned, it is an art...
Burmese Python in Krabi Province

Snake Species of Thailand

By Rashad Kozhikkattil Many people suffer Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes. People are scared of snakes because some are venomous, but most are not and rather harmless. Thailand has over two hundred species of snakes, and...
Prison Art

Freedom Through Art – A New Life Through Art Rehabilitation

There are a few hundred foreign inmates amongst almost six thousand Thai prisoners at Bangkwang Central Prison, serving long-term sentences, or whom are on death row. The retribution of foreign prisoners is two fold:...
Palm Oil

Palm Oil

That oil you never use (or think you don’t). Palm oil has quickly been gaining in popularity over the past decades as more and more food manufactures are turning to it as a cheap additive...
Fack De Gothe 2

Filming in Paradise

Krabi has once again attracted the attention of yet another major feature film. Entering into the limelight back in 2001 with the release of the Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster "The Beach", Krabi has long since drawn...
Krabi Transformation model

The Transformation: Turning A Page And A Whole New Face

Every women has a dream. These dreams vary for every women, some like to imagine hiking mountains, some dream of being a corporate CEO's, others dream of living in a small house in the...
Krabi Walking Street - Krabi Night Market

Krabi Town Walking Street: Krabi Night Market

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from 6pm - 10pm Krabi Town is hope to the famous outdoor Krabi Night Market (or Thanon Khon Dern in Thai). Outdoor night markets are not only found in...

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