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Lekker Cafe in Krabi

A Digital Trend Thats Changing Our Lives And Possibilities

We all look at the world in different ways, some of us are striving for that perfect ordered job that is reliable (in terms of a pay check) routine and easy to manage, others...
Coffee in Krabi

Coffee Anyone?

Thinking of heading out into the hot blazing sun but need a little kick to get you going? We’re outlined some of our favourite coffee shops in the Ao Nang and Krabitown areas to show...
Krabi Vegetarian Food

Why Open a Vegetarian Restaurant in Ao Nang?

Well this is the most asked question that we get from people when inquiring about us. And the simple answer is: because there was a need for it. How do we know? Because we...
tom yum goong aonang

Good Eating

This month Suzi Hall writes about healthy eating in Thailand. Recently, I have seriously considered designing a F.A.Q t-shirt for the benefit of all the people I meet on a professional and personal level. As...
Watermelon in Krabi

Taste in Thailand

Living in Thailand has allowed me to gain some incredible perspective about overall health and well-being through Thai people and their culture.  Known as the “Land of Smiles”, holiday goer’s flock to this nation...
Deep Lounge Krabi

Get Down at Deep

Deep has been operating in Krabi town for the past 3 years now, slowly making a name for itself as the jazz hotspot in town. Down a small side street just up the road from the...
Vegas in Krabi

The Hot Just Keeps Coming!

The past decades have seen hotter and hotter years, in fact every year has been breaking the years previous records, and there shows no signs of stopping. The vast majority of the scientific community agrees...
Thong Aek Seneewong

Centara Gets a New Chef To Spice Up It’s Restaurant

Krabi gains an exciting new Culinary Star as Centara Anda Dhevi appoints Thong Aek Seneewong na Ayuthaya as Head Chef. With over 16 years’ experience across Asia working for some of the best hotels and...
French Cuisine - Krabi Magazine

A Taste of French Cuisine

This month, Krabi Magazine checked in at the new location of Foodies, a French restaurant inspired by the leading 5 star chef Frederic Monolie, or Freddy for short. Located at the corner of the 3-way...
Umberto Krabi Aonang

Umberto’s Italian Restaurant

Umberto’s new kitchen is now open for business. Internationally acclaimed Chef and restaurant owner Umberto has just opened his new masterful creation at Umberto’s Italian Kitchen this month. Leaving his kitchen in Italy some 15 years...

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