Lentil Boats Aonang Krabi Thailand

Handcrafted Utility Vehicles

Since your visiting one of the places in Thailand where these great boats have made such a name for themselves it's our turn to give you a little information about these age old creations. Dating...
Body Talk Thailand

Body Talk

Your New Year inspiration!  Did you know that 60 to 70% of your communication is body language? I am sure you can relate to this from the many experiences in Thailand where no verbal language is...
Shopping Thailand

The Secrets To Shopping in Thailand

Are you looking for something amazing to brighten your every day once you return home and remind you of your time in Thailand? Well let's walk through some of the best things to consider...
Sonoran New Year Thailand


A nation-wide water fight celebration - sounds crazy? Only in Thailand! Sonkran, the Thai New Year, is a time of celebration, food, festivities, and tons and tons of water!  That’s right, the Thai New Year...
Bullfighting In Krabi

Bullfighting In Krabi

The whole image of bull-fighting conjures up richly dressed Spanish matadors in red capes, fighting bulls to the death for the entertainment of the masses. Yet here in southern Thailand the bulls do not...
Bamboo Thailand

Bamboo and it’s many uses

I am a builder, and I always observe how things are put together. What struck me after living here in Ao Nang for a while was how many places I saw bamboo being used.  It is...

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