King Rama IX of Thailand

Father’s Day

In Thailand, the 5th December, which is the birthday of the current King His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej or the King Rama IX of Chakri Dynasty, is considered as the Father’s Day of the nation....
Thai Dress

Traditional Thai Dress – a lost art making a comeback

Traditional Thai dresses, an art form that has diminished over the past decades is now making a comeback thanks to a couple of young designers
Andaman Art Museum Exhibition Krabi

Treasure of Art in Krabi

Yet Krabi has a lot to offer and it has become one of the top priorities for Krabi municipality to bring the culture of Krabi closer to the locals as well as to the tourists. One example of this cultural revival is the Andaman Art Museum and Cultural Center in Krabi town in Maharaj Alley (Pak Nam district). Originally opened November 2013 the museum and cultural center has been undergoing exhibit overhauls and renovations since then, it is only now that the museum and cultural center can enjoy a true grand opening. The main purpose of the museum is to provide Thai and international artists a platform, where they can work together and exchange experiences and to showcase their works to the public.
Christmas in Krabi

Winter Sun Holidays

For most of European and North American people, Christmas is a winter holiday, helping to add some sparkle to the long and dreary December evenings. Traditional festivities and costumes seem to be made for...
Sonoran New Year Thailand


A nation-wide water fight celebration - sounds crazy? Only in Thailand! Sonkran, the Thai New Year, is a time of celebration, food, festivities, and tons and tons of water!  That’s right, the Thai New Year...
Bamboo Thailand

Bamboo and it’s many uses

I am a builder, and I always observe how things are put together. What struck me after living here in Ao Nang for a while was how many places I saw bamboo being used.  It is...
Lentil Boats Aonang Krabi Thailand

Handcrafted Utility Vehicles

Since your visiting one of the places in Thailand where these great boats have made such a name for themselves it's our turn to give you a little information about these age old creations. Dating...
Children's day Krabi

Children’s Day

On the second Saturday of January, Thai people celebrate Children's Day by taking their children out to have fun and permit them to live life in their style. Children are considered as the most valuable...
Bullfighting In Krabi

Bullfighting In Krabi

The whole image of bull-fighting conjures up richly dressed Spanish matadors in red capes, fighting bulls to the death for the entertainment of the masses. Yet here in southern Thailand the bulls do not...
Thai Tatoo Thai

Ink Branded

In no other country in the world except Thailand does the tattoo tradition have an annual religious celebration. Once a year, thousands of tattoo enthusiasts from around the world descend on the temple known...

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