King of Thailand

The Passing of An Era, The Changing of A Country

Last October Thailand's beloved King Bhumibol passed away, he was the worlds longest reigning monarch and was loved by Thai people throughout the kingdom, his passing was met with a year long period of...
Songkran - Thai New Year

Sonkran: Thai New Year Celebration

Thai’s newer celebration is com thing to behold. A nationwide waterfight the spares nobody leaving their house. Bring in the new year Thai style
Thai Wai Girls

The Wai – The Graceful Thai Hello

Notice as you’re coming into convenience stores and the attendants clasp their hands together at chest height and slightly bow their heads? Or maybe you’ve seen this at your hotel reception or perhaps at...
Andaman Art Museum Exhibition Krabi

Treasure of Art in Krabi

Yet Krabi has a lot to offer and it has become one of the top priorities for Krabi municipality to bring the culture of Krabi closer to the locals as well as to the tourists. One example of this cultural revival is the Andaman Art Museum and Cultural Center in Krabi town in Maharaj Alley (Pak Nam district). Originally opened November 2013 the museum and cultural center has been undergoing exhibit overhauls and renovations since then, it is only now that the museum and cultural center can enjoy a true grand opening. The main purpose of the museum is to provide Thai and international artists a platform, where they can work together and exchange experiences and to showcase their works to the public.
Bang Riang Krabi Mountain

Wat Bang Riang

Outside of Ao Nang, on the edges of Krabi province there lies a truly stunning temple complex; Wat Bang Riang. Wat in Thai means temple.  Bang Riang temple (or in Thai, Wat Bang Riang)...
Thai Dress

Traditional Thai Dress – a lost art making a comeback

Traditional Thai dresses, an art form that has diminished over the past decades is now making a comeback thanks to a couple of young designers
Body Talk Thailand

Body Talk

Your New Year inspiration!  Did you know that 60 to 70% of your communication is body language? I am sure you can relate to this from the many experiences in Thailand where no verbal language is...
Krabi Stadium

True Thai Warriors

Tree kickers! Or Muay Thai fighters as they are more commonly called are at the heart of the Thai nation, in the hearts of the people, on the channels of the TV, on the walls...

All Hail The Queen Durian! Just Don’t Grab Her Too Hard

Durian, some love it, some hate, many have never tried it. Get something of picture of this fascinating and pungent fruit
Bamboo Thailand

Bamboo and it’s many uses

I am a builder, and I always observe how things are put together. What struck me after living here in Ao Nang for a while was how many places I saw bamboo being used.  It is...

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