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What to do in Krabi? Find out about activities and sightseeing, events and festivals, nightlife and go-go clubs, night markets, fabulous beaches to visit

koh hong lagoon aerial

Private trip to Koh Hong, a Great way to see its Beauty

Koh Hong is one of Krabi’s must see delights and on the top list of must do activities in the province. It’s name comes from the room like lagoon at the islands center. In...
Mermaid in Krabi Phi Phi

Mermaid Fins

Put on a fin and transform yourself into a new being. A mysterious creature of stories, novels folklore is now emerging from the waves and offering it’s hand to you. We’re not talking about a ominous,...
Controversy Krabi Magazine

Controversy at K-1

Did you see Nak Muay Buakaw fight in the K-1 World Max Championships in Pattaya in October? My wife and I did, and we would not have missed this historical event, especially since it...
Maya Bay Krabi

A Four Island Tour

Here in Krabi, where the beaches are gorgeous, the magnificent islands are abundant and the tropical climate is just blissful, one way to see even more of this paradise is by taking a 4 Island...
Photos Krabi

Capturing Photos with A ‘Sense of Place’

On the picture: Focus on the lady helps portray the scene of people waking up in the morning in a small village in Nepal. On the face of it, travel photography seems simple enough: go...

Staying Clean in Krabi

One of my hobbies back home in America is making soap, and I will admit that I am a bit of a snob about it.  Being a holistic health coach, I understand that the...
Koh hong aerial

Koh Hong

Krabi Adventures - venturing out to see Koh Hong Situated between the Koh Yao islands and mainland Krabi, Koh Hong is a place unlike any other. An archipelago of several small-sized islands, it’s arguably the...
Hot Stream Krabi

Relax in A Natural Jacuzzi

Relax in nature’s own hot tub in the South of Krabi province in Klong Thom district, around seventy kilometers from town and near the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. Khlong Tom Hot Spring...
Daisy Chain Krabi

Growing Bones, Growing Minds

Growing up as an expat kid in Krabi can be an exciting prospect, playing outdoors all day long, wearing little to nothing and not feeling cold. Everyone is smiling and laughing, it’s a real...

Beyond The Peninsula

Opening new climbing routes in Krabi Krabi has long since been a great destination throughout the world for climbers due to its dramatic cliffs and natural scenery which surrounds every mountain. It’s a beautiful place...

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