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What to do in Krabi? Find out about activities and sightseeing, events and festivals, nightlife and go-go clubs, night markets, fabulous beaches to visit

SCUBA Diving safety Krabi Thailand

SCUBA Diving safety

Some things you should know about SCUBA Diving in Krabi before you visit the magical underwater world of the Andaman sea. We all love to explore and venture into the unknown, in fact the ocean...
Koh Yao islands

A Guide to the Koh Yao Islands

Your complete guide to the Koh Yao islands Koh yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai, everything you ned to know to plan your holiday on the Koh Yao islands in the middle of the Andaman sea. These...
Koh hong aerial

Koh Hong

Krabi Adventures - venturing out to see Koh Hong Situated between the Koh Yao islands and mainland Krabi, Koh Hong is a place unlike any other. An archipelago of several small-sized islands, it’s arguably the...
koh hong lagoon aerial

Private trip to Koh Hong, a Great way to see its Beauty

Koh Hong is one of Krabi’s must see delights and on the top list of must do activities in the province. It’s name comes from the room like lagoon at the islands center. In...
Heroic Fitness Krabi Aonang

Fitness in Krabi, Muscles Battle for Respect!

Ao Nang just came off it’s first ever strongman competition last month, drawing in participants from all around the world to compete at Naga Pura Resort & Spa. It was a great step forward...
Tiger Cave Temple Krabi

The Temple Above All Else

The temple above all else, the temple on top of the mountain, the temple you must take a small pilgrimage to see... Nestled just outside Krabitown center is one of the must see highlights of...
Drones in Thailand Krabi

Thinking of Droning?

Well there are some things you might want to know before you do so in the Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand is some of the most beautiful places in the world, it offers so many different...
Zipline Krabi AoNang

Being Thai’d Up for All The Right Reasons

Going to the Extreme While on Holiday There’s something about getting on an airplane and travelling for as many hours as it takes you to sleep through the night to come and experience a holiday...
Teaching in Thailand

A Teacher’s Year in Thailand

by Shelly Schutte In July of 2012, I visited Thailand for the first time with my family. It was a magical trip – two weeks of sense captivating adventure and relaxation. I discovered, to my...
Krabi Motorbike Safety

Motorbike Safety

Thailand, the land of smiles, the land of freedom and opportunity right? Yes thats certainly correct, Thailand is a wonderful place and you are most likely enjoying yourself here on holiday, it’s a new...

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